Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh Boy!!!!!

I had a good laughed on Tuesday night. Thanks to Zaki for his creativity. As some of you might know, the Ugama Islam (Islamic Studies) is in Jawi. As in Arabic, the writing is also from right to left.

On Tuesday, he got his Ugama paper back and proudly showed to me. His score was not bad but what caught my attention was the way he wrote his name on the paper.

Since everything in Jawi, my little boy thought that his name must also be in Jawi format. Here is the picture and see how he wrote his name. Do you think you can write you name in the reverse mode?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Update on Driveathon

Well here is the update on the Driveathon. If you have not read my earlier post on it, you can read it here.
Well, what can I say when mother nature has different plan. Instead of bright and sunshine day, it was raining heavily this morning and when it rains, it means everybody will be late due to traffic jam. That was what happened to me! 
I left home at 6.50am because I planned to meet Yati, Janice and Tee at 8am for breakfast at KL Sentral. Since it was raining, I dropped Amir off at his school first before heading to Saujana to drop Syafiq. I thought that it will not jam because it was very early but I was wrong. On the way to Saujana, on the opposite side, I saw the jam started from Sungai Chua itself. 
After I dropped Syafiq, I made a quick called to my hubby asking him the alternate route to KL. He proposed Grand Saga Highway but when it rains, the highway is far worst than SILK Highway. I decided to proceed with SILK Highway and as expected I was caught in the jam for 45 minutes. 
At 8am, Janice called, "Hey dear, where are you?"  I replied, "Still at Kajang and I'm stuck in a jam." I SMS Yati and told her I will be late. She replied, "Me too."
I reached KL Sentral at 9am and headed to La Cucur where the three was waiting at me. I had nasi lemak, kuih bakar and teh-tarik for my breakfast. When I finished my breakfast, it was 9.25am. I said, "Let's go!" and we headed not to the car but to toilet first.
Since Tee and Janice didn’t know the way, they decided to follow me. Luckily from KL Sentral to the starting point only took us less than ten minutes.   
I drove slowly as we have to make 15 calls per round. After every call, I have to tell Yati the name of the place. Therefore I was quite busy looking for the landmark and the name of the place. It just took us less than 30 minutes to reach our end point. In the first round, I missed the turned and ended up in UNITEN.I have to make a quick called back to the route owner to get the right way back to KL. 
As we were heading for second round, Janice called me and told Tee was not feeling well. I was told that he vomited and they then changed role after that. 
When I reached my start point for round two, I was already felt tired. The day has slowly getting hotter. Luckily Yati brought chewing gum and gave me one piece. It helped to keep me awake. 
I missed the turning point again in the second round. If the first round, I went to UNITEN, the second round, I took a different exit and ended up I have to drive for another one KM before I can made my turn back to KL. By this time, Yati already was feeling unwell.  
When we reached the Loke Yew roundabout for round three, Yati told me she felt like vomiting and true enough when I stopped at the Shell Petrol Station she vomited. We have to stop and cleaned the car before we can proceed. Since it was almost lunch time, we decided to stop at Mines Resort for our lunch break. 
We were there for 1½ hour and once both of us felt okay, we continued our driveathon. This time, we found the right turn and headed back to KL for the fourth round. By 2.50pm we completed all the 60 calls as required. No major issued found on the network and I was also glad that there was no major mishap or accident happened. It was a successful driveathon for us. 
When I reached KL Sentral, we were too tired to go back to office. We took a 30 minute breaks at Coffee Bean and by then my headache started. I SMS my boss and informed him that I won’t be coming to office and headed home. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Driveathon or Crazython?

Woohoo! I will not be in the office tomorrow. Not the whole day but most of the day I will be away for Driveathon. Yup! I will be busy driving along the Besraya Highway not once but four rounds. If your see two ladies in a black car, going up and down the highway, it will be probably us.

Actually I volunteered to be part of this program to help our company provides a better network quality to our customer. The first year, it was known as callathon and the second year it was datathon where the participants got the chance to access broadband from the specific location.

And this year, it is known as Driveathon where the participants were given specific route to make calls. I won’t be making the calls. I let my other two partners to make call to each other. Heh! I’m not sure what they are going to talk to each other when they have to complete 60 calls within six hours. That’s a lot of story that they can gossip about.

We were given a goody bag as a token to be part of this program. Nothing much but two bottles of water, two cans of drinks and Swiss roll and a piece of cake. I took it home with me last night but I left it in the car.

But thanks to my hubby who always like to check my car (that the reason I don’t have any secret in the car), he took the bag out and left it on the kitchen counter. When I saw it this morning, few of the items were missing from the bag.

I knew it that the kids must have taken it but I just like to make my hubby feel guilty. So I make a big deal out of it but at the end, I have to sweet talked him to take my keys from the bedroom.

I'm  glad that Yati didn’t leave her goody bag with me too else I have to replace the missing items for her.

Okay folks, got to go and let see whether there is anything interesting thing I can share with you on Driveathon.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Conversation with Monday

Me: “Is it you Sunday?”
Monday: “No, it’s me, Monday.”
Me: “Oh! What happened to Sunday?”
Monday: “He left”
Me: “When?” (Opening my eyes slowly)
Monday: “At midnight, while you were sleeping.”
Me: “Why are you here, Monday? I don’t like you. Why can’t Sunday be here longer?”
Monday: “Sunday has other peoples he likes to visit. Whether you like me or not, I am here.”
Me: “Why when I was young, Sunday seems to be longer?”
Monday: “You know why? Because when you were young, you have no responsibilities. Everyday was a fun day to you. You spent most of your time playing, watching TV and occasionally study. You have nothing to worry. Today, you have your own responsibilities. Work, kids and home to take care, financial and…”
Me: “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I know. Don’t say anymore about responsibilities.”
Monday: “So get up and move. Your kids are waiting for breakfast.”
Me: “Wait! Wait! Tell me why you are here?”
Monday: “Look, I want to help you.”
Me: “Huh! Help? You can help me by bringing Sunday back here.”
Monday: “Look here Zai. You can look at the day positively or negatively. If you want the day to be happy, think positive, look at things differently, and do it with vigor. If you want to miserable the whole day and week, you can be grumpy and all the negative energy will be surrounding you. It’s your choice and thinks carefully what you want.”
Me: “I want my day and week to be happy and wonderful. I don’t want to be miserable.”
Monday: “Good. Now think what makes you happy and go for it. For the start, make your kids happy.”
Me: “Thank you Monday but can you quickly go so that Saturday and Sunday can come again?”
Monday: “Be happy and you will not know I’m here today. See you around

Saturday, March 26, 2011

To all mothers out there...

My kids like to sing this song, ‘IBU’ or mother to me. Sometimes when they saw me sitting on the sofa looking tired, they will come and sit next to me singing the song. Normally it will be Zara and Zaki but occasionally Amir will join them.

Every time they sing the song, mostly half way only, it will make me smile and all the tiredness and problem will disappear.

The song also reminds me of my first time singing karaoke. I was with my previous company and we were having an off-site meeting in Port Dickson. After a long day of meeting and brain storming, the big boss said, “Okay we will have Karaoke tonight. Everybody have to sing.

I tried to avoid going to the karaoke but I can’t as my team was waiting for me. Everybody selected their songs except a few who were like me. After sometimes, my boss said, “Zai, have you selected your song?”  I just shook my head and he said,” Do you want me to select for you?”  “No, thank you. I’ll choose myself,” I said.

After flipping through the list, I decided to sing IBU together with two more ladies. The three of us are all mothers. Huh! I never sing in public before. It was disaster. Our voices were very soft and one by one the guys joined us. By the time we finished singing, the whole group sang with us.

Okay here it is. Enjoy the song.

Back to School...

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. I think I need a change. I have been doing the same thing for years and I need a more challenging job but at this stage, I don’t want to start all over again.

I have been thinking of going to college again (wishful thinking) and this time study things that I like. No more computer science and maths.

If I ever go back to school, I’m thinking of  taking up history, anthropology or geology and history is my favorite. It is more for self fulfilling than for my career enhancement.

When I was in Form I, I hate history because my history teacher was a lousy teacher. What she did was she read from the text book to us without explanation and if we asked any question she got angry.

My interest in history started when I was in Form 2 where we started to learn about World  History and in form three, I totally like history because of the teacher. He was a good teacher, joker and very patient with us.

The way he relayed the message was through stories. This was one subject where everybody looked forward to.

When I was in Form 4 and 5, I didn’t take history. However I did took few history classes when I was studying in US. One of the classes that has lasting impression on me was the American Indian history. Before that I only knew American Indian from the cowboy movies and it means only Apache and Comanche but there are more tribes. It was an eye opener for me to learn about the American Indian History and their cultures.

Will I really going back to college? Not sure but highly unlikely because my kids need me more. But I will definitely continue to seek and search the knowledge I want. That’s where Internet rules.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

I didn't panic

On Wednesday, there was another drama in my family. I was in the office and just about to settle in and started my day when Zaki called me and said that his stomach was in pain.

Actually Zaki has been having stomach pain since Saturday and we have taken him to see doctor on Sunday. The initial diagnosed was that it might be appendix and doctor said that if he still in pain, to take him back to hospital.

On Monday night, I asked him if he still has the pain. He said, “Yes but not so painful.” But on Tuesday night, Amir told me that he saw Zaki clutching his stomach at school. Zaki said it was very painful that's why he didn't join his friends during recess.

As a cool person, I didn’t panic and rush him to hospital. I suggested that we put some ointment first and see how it goes. And when I did rub it on his tummy, he said he felt better and that night he can sleep.

On Wednesday before I left for work, I asked him again, “Are you okay? Any more pain?” and he replied, “No pain.” So off I went to work happily knowing that he was getting better. But by 10.30am, the first call came.

“Ibu, my tummy hurts,” he said sounded in pain. “Did you take your medicine?” I asked and his replied, “Yes.”

“Okay, lie down and rest,” I told him. “I can’t. Can I not go to school today,” he asked me. “Hmmm…okay, let’s wait until 12 before we decide on that?” I said. He put down the phone and 30 minutes later another call came in. Every single call that came in later, he sounded in pain but I still didn't rush home.

At 12pm, I checked his condition with my father-in-law and I was told he was not in a good shape. I told him I will come back after I finish the letter that I was working on.

But that simple task took me almost one hour to finish. Thanks to the printer! It took me ten times to try before it printed to the format I want. By the time, I left office, it was almost 2pm and I went to have my lunch first. Did I enjoy my lunch? Heh! No because every 2 minutes either Zaki or Zara will be calling me and asking when will I reached home. After 10 calls, I just ignored them and slowly eating my food.

Well, I took him to hospital and we were there for more than 2hours. The doctor did the urine and blood test and both were okay and she ruled out appendix. She said that he has an acute colic problem. As of now, he is still in pain. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My mom the jail warden

Today the Ministry of Education released the SPM’s result. I guessed some of the candidates didn’t sleep last night worrying about their results. Actually, I didn’t know the result was out today until one of my office’s colleagues excitedly informed that her son scored 10A+. Yup he aced all the subjects. Congratulations to him.

As a kapochi person, I SMS two of my friends asking about their kids. One came back with 7As and 2Bs whereas the other one said her daughter got ‘masyarakat majmuk’ (mixed results) but still passed. Both parents were happy with the results.

When I met my son this evening, I asked him how his school performed in last year exams. He said, not many people scored straight As but the good news is only few failed. ‘Not bad,” I said.

As some of you might know, my son will be sitting for SPM this year and I hope he will be successful as my friends’ children. Thirty-two years ago, I went through the same pain as these kids. Under pressure to perform well especially when you know your cousins and neighbours were also taking the same exam. But I have to thank my mom. She was the driving force of my success. She was like the jail warden.

She made sure that I studied and every morning at 4.30am without failed, she will knocked on my room's door. She made sure I sat at the dining table and studied. If not, water will be sprinkled on my face. She's one fierce lady but now she has mellow a lot.

If my mom didn’t do that, I’m not sure what I will be today. Maybe married at a young age, have babies and be a grandmother by now? It’s possible right? Will I do the same thing to my son? Heh!  Maybe.

To Syafiq, Minnie, Syahmie, Ridzuan and Angah stay healthy, do your revision constantly and whatever it is please don’t give up. Let’s pray that you guys will ace the exam.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thank You,

I'm going to share with you some of the gifts that I received from my friends. Yup, whenever someone travel, there will be some 'ole-ole' that they will bring back to office. The most common one, is chocolate.

You see the little flower below. Well that one I received it from Amir when he was in standard 1 for Mother’s Day. Together with this little gift, he gave me RM2.00. I was surprised to receive the gifts because I didn't expect him to remember mother's day. I have been keeping this in the office for the past five years. As for the money, I still have it in my purse. It was so sweet of him to give the RM2.00 especially that money was meant for him to use during his recess. 

I also received gifts from my friends whenever they went for vacations or business trips. Here a fan from China that I received in 2008 from my BFF. She was away on business trips. When it is warm in the office, I will use this to fan myself. Very handy!  Next to the fan is the drawing from Bali. I received this from my staff when she went there on vacation with her family.

Next is series of small gifts that I have received. A bangle made from wood was given to me by my colleague, who is sitting near me in the office when she visited Sarawak. There is also a pen 'I LOVE LONDON' from my boss who was stranded in London during the snowstorms last year in December, a key chain from my friend in Melbourne who came back for vacation and a koala bear from office colleague who went to Perth in 2009.

And below is a shawl from India that I received from my BFF, who was sent to India on work assignment. Like the fan from China, the shawl is also very handy when the office air-condition is too cold.  

I value each and every one of them and also those I kept at home. It not about how expensive is the item or how big it is but the most important thing is the gift is from someone that close to me and I value their friendships. To all my friends, thank you for being my friends!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Blues

Today was a very slow Monday in the office. Everybody was kind of in black mood. No greetings, no laughing and no smiling.  Is it because of Monday everybody in this mood? Hmmm…. very unusual because even though Monday, there will be always someone who in the cheerful mood.

But not today. At first I thought it was due to early Monday morning but as the day progressed, the office was still quiet. Only one or two persons were active. By the time lunch hour, most of them just ‘tapau’ the food from the food stalls at the basement.

As for myself and my BFF, instead of tapau, we had our lunch there. The place was packed as usual but we managed to get a place for us. I had my nasi kukus ayam goreng berempah and Teh-‘O’ iced while my BFF had Fried Mee Hoon and Teh-tarik. Hmmm..the fried mee hoon didn’t look good at all and she didn’t finished it.

As the day progress, the situation still didn’t change. Everybody was still not in a good moody except for a few. It was kind of weird that I didn’t hear any laughters or jokes throughout the days. Instead what I heard was angry words and angry conversation.

This negative feeling was seeping into everybody and by the time 6pm, people were already ready to go. Those I met in the lift have one common thing to say, “I’m tired.”

Hey folks it is only Monday and we have another four more days to go through this week. Can we change the negative feeling to positive feeling? Let’s be happier so that we won’t feel the tension and the stress. Can we?

Okay, I hope the positive energy will replace the negative energy and let’s pray the place will be lively from tomorrow onwards…salam.

When the kids start to help....

This weekend, my maid didn’t come because she was sick. Since no maid means all the household chores we have to do it ourselves. Do you see 'we' there? No maid means busy weekend and that was how it was. Busy.  I was busy with cleaning, washing and ironing but I’m not complaining as it was a fun weekend for all of us.

It was fun because the kids were involved in the cleaning. No one forced them. They volunteered themselves to help.

My kids like to hang around me. On Saturday, as I was cleaning the stove, they were there with me. At first, Amir came and watched me and then Zara, Syafiq and Zaki. At first they were contented to watch but then slowly one bu one came to help. It was nice but sometimes it slow down my work. Finally after so much disruption, I asked Syafiq to finish the cleaning while I observed.

The same thing happened when I started ironing. This time only Zara was with me. The boys was not around so it just us, the girls. She helped to fetch the school uniforms, the hangers and then helped me to hang the clothes. 

At one point when I was ironing my hubby shirt, she was bugging me to let her try to iron her dad’s shirt. I was very tempted to let her try but then my hubby overheard our conversation. I almost let her near the iron when I looked up, I saw him at the door, looking at me, raising his eyebrow. Huh! It was a no go; otherwise, Zara will be bragging about her ironing feat to her grandpa and I will have to get another shirt for him. I have to take three breaks to finish all the ironing but it was fun as I always like ironing.

So how did you spend your last day of the school holidays with your kids? I bet it was fun.

Okay, gotta go. Early morning for me tomorrow. Salam.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

When Hujan reminds me of someone..

Whenever I heard this song ‘Hujan’ by the late Sudirman Arshad, it reminds me of my time in college. I was staying up late studying and it was raining when the DJ played the song.

Look at the lyrics below. Yup it is a song above love and rains, a song that reminds me of my old college boyfriend. Well we are not fated to be together and I wonder where he is now.


Hujan yang turun bagaikan mutiara
Berkilau bersinar berkerdipan
Subur menghijau bumi terbentang
Dan bayu berpuput lembut

Cinta yang bersemi
Diwaktu hujan turun
Menyirami ketandusan hati
Dan hujan turut mengiringi
Engkau pergi...

Selembut hujan bercurahan
Begitulah cinta ini
Semesra bumi yang disirami
Begitulah hati ini

Hujan yang turun bersama air mata
Bersama pedih, bersama rindu
Kau datang dan kau pergi jua
Rindu lagi...

Okay, hope you enjoy the song.


Friday, March 18, 2011

A balance work life is important!

I took leave on Wednesday and Thursday, just to spend my time with the kids. After two days with them, they wanted me to stay home today but due to work commitment, I didn't.

I met Yati for breakfast. She also just got back from leave. I told her there was someone died in the office yesterday and she told me who was the person. Then as I was catching up with my mail, I saw an email from HR on the demise of the staff. It was so sad. He died due to heart failure.

Sometimes when I think about it, life is cruel. Just imagine, yesterday morning before he left for office, he was in good condition. Neither his wife nor his kids suspected that they will be saying goodbye and see him alive for the last time.

When I really think about this, it makes me realize that work is not everything. Our life, our health and our family are more important than work. It is time for me to have a healthy lifestyles. Anybody want to join me? Yes? No?

Okay, let’s exercise and eat healthily. Let's have a balance work life so that we can enjoy more time with our loves one. And hmmm…when should I start my exercise? Is tomorrow too soon?


Thursday, March 17, 2011

When the kids have fun!

I was on leave yesterday. Yup took a day off to spend time with the kids. It’s a school holiday and they have been staying at home with nothing to do. When I told them that I’m on leave, they were very excited to have mommy at home.

They didn’t know that I have made some planned earlier. Since Syafiq had his Math tuition in Saujana until 12pm, we decided to have our lunch there. By the time we reached Saujana, most of the foods were already finished, So the kids only had rice and chicken soup without chicken.

After lunch, we went to our old house to collect our mails. We were sad to see the house. A house that used to be happy and noisy is now empty and quiet. Oh! I need to fix it and rent it out and make it lively again.

Then I told my kids that we are going to Alamanda, Putrajaya. “Alamanda?” they asked. “You guys want to go karaoke, movie or bowling,” I asked.

Zaki, who loves to sing said, “Karaoke.” “Bowling,” said Amir who is into sport. The other two also said bowling.

When we reached Alamanda, the parking was quiet empty. Lots of free parking but when I went in, there were so many people, mainly teenagers and young children. When we entered the bowling center, all the lanes were fully occupied. We have to wait but it was not long. The kids were so excited because they never bowl before except Syafiq.

We were given the first lane. I was thankful because knowing my kids they will be all over the place and shouting. I also asked the attendance to put the guard rails between the gutters. If without those guard rails, I guess all of them will score zero.

The first to bowl was Syafiq. Not a good one and followed by Amir. For a first timer, he has the style but not the throw. Zaki next and this guy just simply throw it on the lane. The ball went zig zagging on the lane but his first throw was a strike. Then it was Zara turns. Her fingers are too small to fit in the hole and when she wanted to throw, the ball dropped on the floor. I told her to use both hands to roll the ball. Heh! Her ball went slow and steady and it seems ages before it struck the pin. Yet she managed to get a strike and few spares. After all the kids had their turned, it was mommy’s turns and I didn’t do well either. 

The kids were really having fun and the final score is Syafiq 104, Amir 99, Zaki 88, Zara 98 and me 100. The kids wanted to continue to play but others were waiting to play.

After we left the bowling alley, we went to Baskin Robbin for ice-cream. The kids were really enjoying it and when we reached home, it was 5.45pm. Zara said, “Ibu, after ayah went to work tomorrow, can we do this again?” I told her,”No sayang, ibu has to go to work. Ayah will be home tomorrow. Why not ask ayah?” 

Haha I know their dad has another plan already but it nothing to do with bowling or Alamanda. Let them find out what is in store for them.

Sekian- Wassalam.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dinner at Pizza San Francisco

I thought of leaving early yesterday but last minute request held me back until 6.45pm. By the time I reached my car, it was 7pm. Since I already planned with hubby to take the kids out to dinner, I was hoping to reach home by 7.30pm.

Traffic was clear when I left Plaza Sentral but the moment I entered NPE, the traffic jam started. After 30minutes stuck in the jam, I saw an ambulance, traffic policemen and motorbikes and people crowding on the left lane.

“Aduh! Accident,” I said. It was a fatal accident and they are waiting for police to come. “Huh! Not a good day,” I said to myself.  In the morning there was a buzz in the office about someone committed suicide but I don’t who.

By the time I reached home, it was almost 8pm and I quickly performed my maghrib prayer. Kids were all ready to go.

The initial plan was to go to Mohd Chan Abdullah Restaurant who specialize in Chinese cuisine. As my husband turned to the Restaurant, Amir said,”I don’t want to eat here.”

Zaki chimed in and said he will drink water only. When my husband heard that, he continued to drive. When I asked him, he just kept quiet. He kept on driving until we reached Pizza San Francisco. When the kids saw Pizza San Francisco, they shouted, “Yes, ayah! Ayah best."  They love to eat at Pizza San Francisco.

Normally when we were there, the kids favorites are Carbonara but last night only Amir and Zara ordered Carbonara. Zaki said he wanted orange juice only and Syafiq said he didn’t want anything. I know them very well so I order chicken fingers for both of them. For me and hubby, we ordered Beef Stroganoff and Chicken Mushroom. Oh we order pizza too.

For drinks, me and Zara ordered lime special, Zaki ordered orange juice and the rest ordered lime juice. The first food to arrive was the chicken fingers. When Zaki saw that, he said “I'm hungry and I want that.”  Syafiq maintained that he didn’t want the chicken but I saw him eating some.

Zara didn’t finished her Carbonara because she was busy trying all the drinks. After taking few sipped of her drinks, she didn’t want it anymore because it was too sourish. She was eyeing her dad’s drink and so I swapped their drinks. Still the lime juice is too sour for her. Ended up she only drank warm water.

Amir as usual finished his food and in fact ate others food too.  This boy really has a healthy appetite. Need to control else he will be growing horizontal instead of vertical. For my food, it was okay and so was my hubby chicken mushroom.

Nobody touch the pizza and we asked the waitress to pack the pizza and Zara’s Carbonara. Overall, the dinner went well and Pizza San Francisco in Bangi is the nice place to go for family dinner. Parking is easy to get and the area also not so crowded. If you happened to come to Bangi, you can try to eat at Pizza San Francisco.

Okay…Chiao first. Salam. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A very weird dream.

I had a very weird dream last night. I was woken up by a knocked on my door. Zara was standing with her bolster and said Zaki woke her up to watch TV. Actually Zaki cannot sleep and since he was scared to watch TV alone, he woke her sister. 

I switched off the TV and got them to their room and stayed up with them until 4am before I went back to my room. That was when I had my weird dream.

My dream started when a young boy, age 5, came to me for help. I was told the boy’s mother was dead and the boy has no one to take care. I was not happy that the boy was abandoned and searched for the boy’s father. I met him but the father didn’t want the boy. The father also told me the mother was actually a drug addict and currently in a jail.

As I was looking for ways to help the boy, I fell into a trench. I called for help and a guy came to help me out. But this guy was a bad guy. He took advantage and touched me all over the place. I was so angry and felt violated.

I went to search for a bathroom to clean myself. As I entered the bathroom, there were so many shower stalls but not curtain or door. And then I saw another guy in the bathroom and I asked him to leave but before he left he made some derogatory remark. I was angry all over again.

As I was having my shower, suddenly the bathroom's wall disappeared. I felt exposed. I quickly get dress and went back to my room. As I walked out from the bathroom I stopped at the fence and looked up to the sky. By this time, it was already dark and I was shocked. I saw a car and few other objects on the sky. The car was moving and suddenly disappeared. I asked few other people who were with me and they also said they saw that.

I was relieved when someone believed me as I also saw something before on the sky but people was just laughing at me.

Then after all the objects on the sky disappeared, I found myself on a truck looking for something. I was not sure what I was looking for but I was with a bunch of people sitting on the back of the truck with me leading them. We were heading to somewhere and then my alarm clock went off.

I just don’t know where I was heading too and what I was doing leading a group of people on the back of a truck. I just don't know but it was really a weird dream. Don’t you think so?

Monday, March 14, 2011


I went shopping yesterday at 1Utama but I was disappointed because the Jaya Jusco at 1Utama was closed for renovation. We didn’t know they are under renovation as we seldom go to 1Utama. That’s is one place that I will try to avoid during weekends or public holidays because it’s always crowded and parking is a nightmare there.

Since Jaya Jusco was closed, we went to Parkson, which was on the other building,  to get something for the kids. For me I was looking forward to go to the MPH bookstore to get some of my books.

Again I was disappointed because I can’t find the books that I want. All three books that I wanted were not available.  My hubby, who wanted to buy the latest autobiography book on Dr Mahathir was also disappointed because it was out of stock.

From 1Utama we went to IKEA. This time we were not disappointed. Hubby wanted to buy table for the fixed line phone. We found what we were looking for and at the same time, I also found my study table which we didn’t plan to buy. But I'm glad I did because I can do my work from my room now. No more sharing with Zaki or Zara.

By the time we finished shopping, it was already 8.15pm. Before we went back, we bought a dozen of curry puff and the kids love it very much. In fact, every time we went to IKEA, curry puff will be always top in their list.

On the way back, in the car, hubby reminded the kids that their hands were dirty and not to touch anything. And then my cute 7 years old son replied. “Your hands are dirty too, ayah. Please don’t touch the steering.”

Hubby was speechless with Zaki’s replied and for me, I just smiled. 

One lousy week!

I have not read any book since last week. I was having a lousy week where it started with my hubby’s car was broken into and my back was in pain. On Tuesday, I was feeling the side effect of the pain killer where I felt sleepy and tired the whole day.

From sleepy and tired, it developed into feverish feeling. Yup, I thought I was still having my viral fever but the temperature was not that high. And on Friday, I started to feel cold when everybody else feels normal.

And on Saturday morning, it was getting worse where I been shivering and with headache. I slept the whole day and on Sunday, I feel slightly better. No shivering or temperature but my headache turned into migraine.

It was very bad until I vomited and the headache was getting better after that. I didn’t know what happened until I remembered that I did not have coffee since Monday. Yup, what I experienced was the caffeine withdrawal and it was one experience I don’t want to go through again. I cannot do anything. I can't read my books, focus on my works or my writing. It really makes me feel miserable the whole time.

It is not that I want to quit coffee but I just don’t like drinking coffee lately. I have developed a liking for Teh ‘O’ and milo. But I did received some good advice how to cut down on coffee and I might follow it.

Will I totally going to quit coffee? Not sure. Only time will tell. Meantime to all of you..Happy Monday! 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Good old songs.

I was having lunch with my hubby and Zara at the Italees last week. My little girl ordered Mee Hailam and my hubby ordered Nasi Paprik whereas I ordered Fried rice with ayam kunyit. As we were enjoying our food, suddenly I heard an old song that I have not heard for so long.

It was a song by the late Broery Marantika. At first I didn't remembered the name of the song but I asked the waiter and he told me the name of the song is Angin Malam. 

I'm not a big fan of Broery Marantika but I love his voice. He has such a great voice. Very manly. I also like to thanks my sister, Norlia, who introduced me to Broery when I was young.

Okay here’s the song Angin Malam

And here is one of my favorite Biarlah Bulan Bicara

Okay, enjoy it...Salam

Kids today!

The kids are so happy as they will be off from school for a week. Yup! It is a school holiday where the resorts will be full of people and KL will be less crowded except shopping mall. I always avoid going to mall during school holiday because getting parking will be a nightmare.

I also have not gone for holiday. The last time we went for holiday was to Kota Kinabalu in 2009. So my kids were kind of looking forward that we go somewhere this time. But kids, sorry not this year cause Ibu is reserving my leave for my planned trip end of the year.

My little girl was very cute when she saw me today and she asked me,” Ibu, when are we going to hotel?” she asked.

“Oh! Why are we going to hotel?”
“It’s school holiday,” she said.
“Okay. We can either go to Hotel Saujana Impian or Villa Seroja. Which one do you want?” I asked her.
“That is our house. I want to go to hotel where it has swimming pool,” she said.

Aaahh….kids today always associate school holidays with traveling and hotel stay. It was so different during my time. When I was young, school holiday means roaming around the kampong where we will play all day long and come back only for lunch and before maghrib.

Life was so free back then. Nothing to worry where our parents know that their children are safe. No crazy man, no speeding car and everything was at a slower paced. They know that they can rely on their neighbour to watch their kids.

But today, our kids can't go outside the house without any adults supervising them. Safety is an issue. Because of this, the kids spend most of their time in the house watching tv and playing with their computer.

I'm just afraid that our kids will grow up with less social skill and communication skill as they communicate to their friends through computer or SMS. There is not much interaction with people except when they are at school.

Will this impact their social skill and communication skill? Possible. What about you? Do you agree with me? Please share with me your thoughts.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dream and take the big leap.

I left office early today with Yati as she was hungry. She didn’t has her lunch so we decided to go to The Treats. Yati ordered Prawn Mee and hot Barley whereas I ordered toast and teh tarik. That was my dinner.

As we were enjoying our food, we discussed about work. Both of us have the same mutual feeling that we are already tired of working. Time to explore the alternative and taking the big leap.

Do I dare? Well, if coming to work is no more fun, I guess it is worth exploring all the options. The first thing that came to our mind is to run our own business. Be our own boss.

We discussed about opening a restaurant. This is one of the businesses if the foods are good and the location is strategic, the returns will be good. But in this business, you need to know how to cook. You cannot rely on someone to cook for you else you will be in trouble. They can just decide to go and leave you in lurch. Aaahhh….am I a good cook? Don’t know but my cooking is good enough for my family. Do I really want to be in this business? Uhmm highly unlikely.

Actually I have other plans. It has nothing to do with my current experience in IT and you can say that books, stationeries and food features in my dream. But what it is, I can’t reveal yet. Just wait and see whether it will materialize. It might happen and it might not. Maybe I need the extra push to make my dream happens. But first I need to convert my idea into papers which I have been sitting on it for so long.

Geee…I wish there is someone will help me here with the paperwork. Any volunteer?  Hahaha…nobody will one in his/her right mind will want to do for free but I can pray, right?

Okaylah, before I reveal more on my plan, I better stop here. To all of you have a nice day. Bye..Salam. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Which one?

Ugh! My iPhone looks very old.  Maybe it is from the constant abused and used that it’s received everyday from me and the kids. My phone is basically the family property. The moment I reached home, the kids will be searching my bag for phone and I would not see it until an hour later or the battery run out.

I have been planning to upgrade my phone and when my son heard that he has been urging and bugging me to upgrade it so that he can have my old phone. Huh! Sorry kid, it won't happened that soon.

 Initially I was thinking about iPhone 4 but when I heard that iPhone 5 is coming soon, I decided to wait. Is it a wise decision? Heh! Not sure because when Apple launched its iPad2 last week, it totally derailed my plan. I was half in love with iPad already and when I saw iPad 2, slimmer and lighter, I totally fell in love with it.  Luckily, it is still not available here in Malaysia otherwise I will have order it already for me

There is also another gadget that I have been planning since last year to buy but the desire to own it is not as great as the desire to own iPad2. Yup! I have been eyeing the Kobo ebook reader. I would love to own kindle but unfortunately Amazon decided not to sell kindle here in Malaysia. It took me a year to be convinced and converted to be a fan of ebooks. It has lots of advantages as I can just buy the books at a click of a mouse. Furthermore, it is small, sleek and lights and I can carry it anywhere I like.

With so many new devices coming out, I really need to plan and decides which one I should buy. If I buy iPhone5, I can also load my books in there but then, I have to fight with the kids to read my book. Furthermore the battery will run out faster as I will be using it to talk, server and to read.  If I buy Kobo, I can only use it for reading. None of the kids will touch this and I will have the pleasure of reading the book uninterrupted.

If I buy the iPad2, wow this will be the hottest properties in the house and definitely the kids will want it. There’s no way I can read my books without someone waiting or whining or nagging me for iPad2. Oh this is a tough decision to make. Which one? Maybe all or maybe none. Decision! Decision! Decision! 

Okay, while I'm pondering in next few months what to buy, maybe you can share with me what you have. Okay..bye..salam

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

As I......

As I was on medical leave yesterday, I feel today like Monday. My brain was eager to start the day but my body was not ready

As I was getting reading to work, my hubby called and told me not to follow SILK Highway as it was jammed until the toll booth. He told me to take the alternative route which means I have to take Bangi exit to avoid the jam.

As I was sitting down having my breakfast, Zaki came to the kitchen. “Ibu, I’m hungry,” he said and I told him to sit while I get him the mini bun and milo for him. We had a nice breakfast together.

As I was about to leave for work, Zaki came and asked me to pray for him for his first term exam today. “Ibu always pray for you and others but you must also study. So go and do your revision after this,” I told him. He kissed me and waved me from the door.

As I was reaching Sg Besi Tol, I saw traffic was slow moving towards KL. To avoid the jam, I turned to KESAS Highway and then exit to MEX Highway before exiting back to KL-Seremban Highway. My quick thinking saved me and I reached office as usual.

As I was having lunch, I received SMS from my sister, Norlia. The message, “MOM operation will be on 2nd April. Doctor said to remove all and no chemo needed. Only need to take medicine. Let’s do special prayer before the operation.” I replied, “Yes, let’s do it.” As you know, my mom was detected with breast cancer in September last year and after few months, the growth is getting bigger. As a result, doctor has advised her to do complete removal of her breast. Please prays for her.

As I reached home, the house was very quite. All four of them were upstairs. The moment they heard me, they rushed down, hugging and kissing me. All my tiredness and problems disappeared.

As I was writing this, three of them are already sleeping. The eldest is still  up doing his revision and preparing for his exam tomorrow and to you wherever you are, have a good day!


Monday, March 7, 2011

Who did it?

Last night, someone broke into my husband’s car which was parked outside the house. They broke the window on the right side of the passenger seat. It was at 12.30 in the morning and the street lights were very bright.

We only knew it when we heard the alarm and we were still up at that time. My hubby quickly went down to see what was it and when he came back upstairs, he told me the car window was broken.

We called the police and due to some miscommunication, they only arrived an hour later. There were four young policemen on motorbike coming to see the damage. After checking, we found out that nothing important was taken from the car except my hubby's documents folder and an empty bag.

The funny thing is that the document and the empty bag were in the boot whereas on back seat, there are other more important documents. It was not taken or touches at all. They advised us to make a police report to the Police Stations in Kajang.

I was worried to leave behind my four kids. Worried that they might come back and harm my babies but after a quick discussion with my hubby, we decided to go to Kajang.

Before we left, I went to Syafiq’s room to let him know we were going to Kajang to make police report but he was too sleepy. 

It took us almost one hour before the police let us go. They took the picture of the car and also they found finger prints on the window. I hope they can catch the culprits based on the finger prints.

By the time we reached home, it was at four o’clock in the morning but it took me another hour before I can sleep. By the time the morning alarm went off, I was too sleepy and tired and instead of putting it to snooze, I off it. By the time I opened up my eye it was 7.30am and the kids have left for school.

Sorry kids, there was no breakfast today because ibu was too sleepy.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

YA, Chocolate and Durian

YA Mafia. I never heard of it until yesterday when I happened to visit Dear Author websites. If you are not sure what is YA Mafia, it sort of a group of YA Author who may I quote from Holly Black blog “a cabal of writers who give one other blurbs, do events with one another, and like each other’s books. Also if you cross them they can ruin your career”

It looks like a threat that is directed more to those reviewers that reviewed their works. I’m not sure whether this group really existed but if they do, it is not healthy at all. The reviews by these independent reviewers are meant for us, the readers. Since we going to spend our money on these books shouldn't we get unbiased reviewed? If the review is bad and they don't like it, they should work harder to produce a better book and not alienate the reviewers. I will feel cheated if I read a review that is based on the friendship and association.

You might be wondering how I choose my book. I normally frequented the following websites, All About Romance, The Romance Reader, Dear Author and few other websites to get the review and the rating. In fact I have been to All About Romance websites since the early 2000s and they have never disappointed me in their reviews and I hardly read reviews on the nor from Goodreads to influence me in my buying. I really hope that the YA Mafia is only rumours.

There is also another "mafia" group that was just established on Sunday Malaysian time. It is known as Chocolate Mafia and the leader is Carolyn Jewel, who called her hero in My Immortal Assassin, Durian. Not Durian the King of fruits but a dangerously sexy demon fiend. I haven’t read this but it is in my TBR pile of books that is still packed in the box in my store room. I will let you know whether the My Immortal Assassin's Durian is as tasty as our King of fruits, Durian once I get the chance to read it. Oh! She also has a cat by the name of Abu.
Heh! I’m not sure how you can join this gang but from what I know you just need to love chocolate and also Durian. But I might be wrong!  Okay, gotta go...Salam....