Monday, March 14, 2011

One lousy week!

I have not read any book since last week. I was having a lousy week where it started with my hubby’s car was broken into and my back was in pain. On Tuesday, I was feeling the side effect of the pain killer where I felt sleepy and tired the whole day.

From sleepy and tired, it developed into feverish feeling. Yup, I thought I was still having my viral fever but the temperature was not that high. And on Friday, I started to feel cold when everybody else feels normal.

And on Saturday morning, it was getting worse where I been shivering and with headache. I slept the whole day and on Sunday, I feel slightly better. No shivering or temperature but my headache turned into migraine.

It was very bad until I vomited and the headache was getting better after that. I didn’t know what happened until I remembered that I did not have coffee since Monday. Yup, what I experienced was the caffeine withdrawal and it was one experience I don’t want to go through again. I cannot do anything. I can't read my books, focus on my works or my writing. It really makes me feel miserable the whole time.

It is not that I want to quit coffee but I just don’t like drinking coffee lately. I have developed a liking for Teh ‘O’ and milo. But I did received some good advice how to cut down on coffee and I might follow it.

Will I totally going to quit coffee? Not sure. Only time will tell. Meantime to all of you..Happy Monday! 

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