Friday, July 27, 2012

Dropped and Cracked!

Zaki accidentally dropped my iPad, and now it is cracked. It happened two weeks ago at the clinic where I did my physiotherapy. He and Zara were happily playing with the iPad. He wanted to put it on the seat next to them, but somehow, it slipped from his fingers, and the iPad's right bottom’s corner hit the floor.

When I came out from the physio room, I saw the iPad facing down. Zaki was quiet, and then Zara told me, "Ibu, iPad pecah. Zaki buat."

I stopped, froze and speechless After I overcame my initai shocked, I quickly looked at Zaki. He looked scared that I would scream and scold him as he knows that iPad is one of the items that they cannot play with. But I know not to scream at my kids in public places.

Quietly, I went to Zaki and picked up the iPad "Oh no!", I said enough for the kids to hear. "You know the punishment right?" I asked. Both of them kept quiet "No more iPad for you guys."

I put the iPad in my tote bag and went to the receptionist to settle the bill. While waiting for my hubby to come, I kept touching the screen. Luckily, the screen protector helps to hold the cracked screen together, else it would have shattered.

When I got into the car, I told my husband that the kids broke the iPad screen. He didn't say anything because he has been warning me not to let the kids play with my iPad. I told my hubby that I wanted to go to Mid Valley and send my iPad for repair.

We didn't go. We only went four days later when I was on leave. When we reached there, the service guy said that I couldn't replace the screen. Apple doesn't have that service that is replacing the screen only.

"So what should I do? Throw this thing out," I asked the young boy as I get frustrated with them.

"Oh! You can go to our service center at the North Point and find out what they can do."

I stared at him. My hubby knew that I was getting annoyed. Furthermore, I was tired from the walked around in the morning with my hubby.

"Can't you call your service center?" he asked.

The boy went and did called the service center. While waiting for the young boy, I played with the McBook Air and iPad 3. I told hubby that next in my list to have is iPad 3 and McBook Air. He shook his head. Disbelieve with my fascination with gadgets.

After a while, the boy came back, and he brought with him a piece of paper. I saw iPad 2 and iPad 3 configurations on the paper.

"So," I asked him.

"Okay, did you have iPad 2 or iPad 3?" he asked.


"Okay, did you have 16, 32 or 64?" he further asked.


"Okay," he felt intimidated already.

"It's like this. Apple will give you a new unit if you pay RM1,xxx."

"Really? New unit for the same configuration? " I asked.

"Yes, but you have to do it at North Point office."

"Hmmm... okay, we will but not today," I said and took the paper with me.

A week and a half later, we still didn't go to the service center. It was just not that convenient to go, but I must go and get my iPad replace. The crack is getting bigger.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ramadan and Birthday

I'm writing from Coffee Bean, KL Sentral. Well you might be wondering why was I at Coffee Bean on Wednesday during office hourActually, I'm on leave today and my hubby tooBoth of us decided to spend the day together and sort out whatever things we need to do before the fasting month started.

Taken at Masjid Al Hasanah

If you don't knowfasting starts this Saturday, and I'm ready for it. In fact, I can't wait for it. So are my kids who told me that they can't wait for Ramadan to come. It is a special month.

This Ramadan, I would miss my oldest son, Syafiq, who is staying in the hostel at his college. This is his first year away from home. He would be missed during the iftar, sahur and Terawih. Normally, Amir would be going to Surau with him. Maybe this year, Amir and Zaki can go together, and Syafiq would join them during the weekend.

Talking about Syafiq, he will be celebrating his 18th birthday this Friday, a day before Ramadan. I told Zara that Syafiq's birthday is on Friday, and she told me that she wanted to draw something for Syafiq.

Last night, she showed me a picture of a sport car. I asked her who draw the picture, and her responds were "Ya lah." She was not happy with the drawing and wanted to draw another picture. This time, she wanted me to do it together with her. She has been calling me twice todaydemanding that I come back earlier to help her paint the picture using the watercolor.

The other two boys didn't bother to get anything for the big brotherMaybe they will do their K-POP dance routine for the big brother. Well for me, I already gave him his present last Thursday. He got what he wanted, the iPhone 4s, and I also converted his line from Prepaid to Postpaid. Our dear friend was very happy.

Okay here something from me, actually from Syafiq. Enjoy! Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift