Friday, February 24, 2012

She's Strong and Brave

My little girl, Zara, fell down from her bicycle yesterday evening and had a deep cut on her inner thigh. This girl is really strong. She didn’t cry. She bravely picked herself up and rode her bicycle home.

Her brothers were panicked to see their little sister fell down, and had a big cut on her thigh. They tried to call me, but I couldn’t be reached.

As I was on the way back home, my hubby called and told me that her precious little girl fell down and had a big gash on her leg. He asked me to buy plaster. I told him that I was still far from home. Furthermore, I wanted to collect Zaki's iPod Nano from the Machine at Mid Valley.

Since nobody really tells me the extent of her injury, I happily spent my time at the Machine. I collected Zaki’s iPod nano (actually this is the replacement for my 1st gen ipod nano under Apple’s faulty battery program), purchased another iPod nano for Amir, and bought myself the keyboard casing for my iPad. I was there for almost an hour.

When I reached home, everybody rushed to see the iPod nano. I saw her struggling to come down the stairs. When she reached down, she showed me the cut, and I saw it was bleeding.

I told my hubby that we had to take her to the hospital. I never seen my hubby rushed to have his dinner and get ready to go to the hospital. We had to wait for about forty minutes before her turned to see the doctor.

When the doctor saw the plastered wound, he said that Zara needs two stitches, and I just nodded my head. We further waited to be called into the emergency room. When they called her, I held her hand and walked to the room.  The nurse on the doctor's instruction gave her a tetanus jab. My brave little girl didn’t show any reaction at all when the needle pricked her upper arms. She was calm while waiting for the doctor.

The doctor came in and the first thing he did was to clean her wound. She flinched a little bit when the doctor wipes the wet gauze around her wound , but yet not a sound came out from her. She wanted to see when the doctor cleaned her wound, but I asked her not to. When the doctor injected her around the wound, she held her breath and my hand and looked at me.

The doctor was amazed that she could handle the pain. When the doctor stitched her up, she focused her mind on my watch and played with it. I thought the doctor would stop after the second stitch, but he continued. I was curious, and asked him how many more. He replied, “One more.”

“Four stitches?” I asked.

“Yes, because the wound is quite big.”

When the doctor was done with the stitching, I was relief. I didn't hear what the doctor said. I just nodded my head. The only thing I remembered was to bring her back on the tenth day to remove the stitch. 

On the way back home, I asked her how she felt. She said, “Sakit sikit.” I gave her the pain killer and inflammatory. Since she has difficulties to walk, Syafiq carried her upstairs to her room, and when I went up to see her, she was already sleeping.

She was still sleeping this morning when I left for work. I called her up, and asked her how she felt today. Her respond, “Ya okay, but there’s some blood coming out.”

I told her not to move about so much, and asked Syafiq to help her if she needs anything. When I looked back, she’s the toughest among my four kids, and the most adventurous among the four. Heh! The boys should learn something from her little sister. Be strong!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Much Need Break and Heartbreak!

I was admitted for four days in hospital two weeks ago due to some infection. I don’t know what infected me as there are no cuts or bites on my leg. It happened on Thursday night.

I was down with high fever, and I slept for 24 hours. When I woke up, my shin was red. When I touched it, it was warm. Not only it red and warm, it also quite painful when I touched it. 

I went to Hospital An-Nur, and the doctor said it was an infection. She told me that if the infection still persists after 2 days, I need to go to another hospital as I might need to be warded.

She gave me some antibiotic. It’s quite a strong one and some anti-inflammatory pill. On Saturday, a day after I went to see the doctor, I have an earache. First my left ear, than my right and it continue for the whole day. On Sunday, it stopped, but I have a mild headache.

On Monday morning, it attacked my bladder. I had a urine infection, and I told my hubby that we had to go to hospital for further checked up.

We went to Ampang Putri Specialist, and when the doctor saw my leg, the first thing that came out from her mouth was that I need to be admitted. I said okay as this was what the previous doctor said.

So they sent me to one of the beds in the emergency room. As usual, my hand was poked with needles. They took my blood and my urine for testing. They also did an ultra sound to my leg as the suspected that I might have Deep Vein Thrombosis, but the radiologist cleared me. I was relieved.

The specialist doctor came to visit me in my room, and after ruling out the DVT, he instructed the nurse to give me the antibiotics. The nurse injected the antibiotic through my hand. Wow! It was very painful. I felt like kicking the nurse, but she’s only carrying out her duty.

Later in the evening, they gave me another type of antibiotic. I forgot the name, but it was through the drips. Halfway through, my hand becomes itchy and swollen. Damn! I’m allergic to the antibiotic.

The nurse quickly called the doctor, and I was given another shot to reduce the itchiness. By this time, my family members were there. I was happy there were there to keep me company. My brother brought goreng pisang while my youngest sisters brought donut.

They kept me company until 9pm, and by the time they left, I was very sleepy. Thanks to the jab they gave earlier.

On the second day, the red color has reduced, and I thought I could go home, but on Tuesday afternoon, my blood pressure went up. I never have any high BP before, and I'm worried. The BP went back to normal the next day, but then I had mega headache.

The doctor decided to keep me one more day for observation. The whole day I was down with headache, and on Thursday, I was discharged, but I still have the headache. It was a mild headache. The doctor gave me one week MC, and I have to comeback to see him again in one week.

My husband came around 3pm to fetch me, and instead of heading back home, we went to Putrajaya Hospital to visit my father-in-law. He was in the ICU for heart problem. He had been hospitalized on the day I was downed with high fever.

I spoke to him, and he told me that the doctor wanted to refer him to IJN. He said he wanted to come back and see his grandchildren first before going to IJB. I told him to follow the doctor advice.

On Monday afternoon, as I was waiting for my husband to go to Putrajaya to visit him as he was in critical condition, I received a called from my mother-in-law. My father in law has returned to his maker.

My father-in-law was a very nice man. I never have any problem with him, and he was very attached to my little girl Zara. Whatever my girl wants, he would try to get it. He would always kiss my little girl before he went to bed, and whenever he went back to Seremban to his house, he would call and ask for my little girl.

During his hospitalization, he really wanted to see my little girl, but he didn’t get to see. I feel sad whenever I think about it.

He was buried at the same place where my day was buried a year ago, in Tanah Perkuburan Hj Said. Their graves are not far from each other too. Rest in Peace, ya abah.

Ya Allah, aku berdoa agar roh kedua-dua bapa ku, Haji Abdul Rahman dan Haji Baharun, di tempatkan bersama-sama orang-orang solihin. Amin!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

When kids turn into musicians...

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon today. It was hot and sunny, but we didn’t spend our time outside. We were inside, and scared to get ourselves burned by the sun. Because the weather was really hot,  we had to  switch on the air-con. The kids were around me while their dad was in the room taking a nap.

I was reciting my Al-Mathurat with Zara leaning against me. She was doing her maths when suddenly Syafiq brought his guitar and joined me in the living room, and started playing “Pumped Up Kicks” by the Foster the People.

As he played his guitar, Zara started to hum and Zaki started to join to sing along. I stopped my recitation and listened to the three of them. I was surprised that Zara and Zaki could sing this song.

After "Pumped up Kicks", Syafiq played “Someone Like You” by Adele. Ahh…that was one of my favorite song, and he played it well. After that, Amir who was at the dining table doing his homework abandons his homework and joined us. Zara also quit doing her maths and started to take her guitar and strummed to whatever song that we decided to play even though it was out of tune.

It was a lovely sight to see all four of my children singing and playing music together, even though it was out of tune most of the time. Oh I don’t know whether I would be able to see all four of them playing together in one band where Syafiq at guitar, Zara at piano, Amir at bass or violin and Zaki at drum. It would be a long wait, but I can always dream about it.

Here I share with you "Pumped up Kicks" by Foster the People.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Land of No Name - Part 5

The Queen has left the Land of No Name for almost a year. She has done massive damage to the land and people. The new King was busy rebuilding the land, and had little time interacting with the people.

The people are still adapting to the new king. The old folks were still guessing how's the king works and how he reacted.

As he was rebuilding the land, he brought in his new generals and knights. Slowly the old generals, knights and soldiers felt left out.

"Huh! How long are we going to be treated like this? Aren't we deserved to be given something too?" sighed Matthew and looked at Simon.

Simon just shrugged his shoulder. He also felt sad that he and others have been left out. Under the old Queen, they have been sidelined because the old Queen favored certain group of people. No matter how hard he worked on his lands and produced the best crops, the Queen stills think that he was not good enough to oversee his group.

"I don't know how much more I can take this," he said while looking at his green fields. "Look at my fields. Every year I produced the best crops. I introduced and implemented a method that can yield better output, but no one recognized my effort."

"Yeah, you are right. Maybe they don't want us here. Maybe it is times to make a move. Let the newcomers do it. They got a better plot of lands and tools. Let them produced those crops for the king," said Paul bitterly.

They sat in silent, looking at the land, feeling sad that they might leave their lands and friends.

Weeks turned into months, and more new farmers and people moved to the Land of No Name. The group getting bigger, and the relationship between the newcomers and the old people were a little bit strained. The new people kept to themselves while the old people just looked and see whether the newcomers would make a move and  be their good and friendly neighbors.

The King sensed that the people were restless. He then called for a session with his people. A big tent was setup and foods were served. Most of the people came to hear what the King has to say.

The people saw there was a throne set right on the stage, but the King was not there. Suddenly, from among the crowd, the King walked right to the stage. He didn't wear his crown or his cloak. He dressed just like any of his knight. The people gasped when they saw him. What a simple and down to earth their king is.

He started his speeches and praised the people. He shared his plans and how he wanted to make the Land of No Name to be the once powerful land. Before he ends his speech, he told his people that don't be scared to see him.

“My dear people, I really wanted to know you,” he said. “I am always available for you. If you have anything that you wanted me to know or to seek advised, please come and see me. I wanted to help you, and make the Land of No Name become what it was before.”

His toned was very convincing. Lots of people including the old guards and people were happy with his plans and approach how to integrate the two groups.

Before he invited his people to eat, he had made an announcement that he had something for those whose make a great contribution to the Land of No Name. They were given some monetary award for their excellent contributions.

"Ahhh!... I never get any recognition from the old lady, but at least the King acknowledges my contribution," said Simon happily.

"I hope there would be more recognition given to the people," said John hopeful.

"Yea!" said all of them. At least now, there is hope in the Land of No Name. The hazy days are now slowly getting clear. The fogs have gone, and now the Sun is now shining above the Land of No Name.

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