Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mr. Mood

Mr. Mood...
Where have you been?
Are you leaving me...

Mr. Mood...
I'm looking for you...
Searching around...
But nowhere can be found...

Mr. Mood....
Do you know....
I  need you...
To be with me...
Day and night...

Ahh...Mr. Mood...
Without you...
I am nobody...
I am hopeless...
Scrambling to get things done...

Dear Mr. Mood...
Will you come back....
To lift my spirit...
As we used to be?

Oh Mr. Mood...
Please, please come back....
Please come back......


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

No matter what...

Haha..not sure what's got into me. I'm updating both blogs on the same day. It must be a miserable day that I have today. It's too early in the morning for me to feel this way, but hey.. this feeling has been there for months. It was dormant, and this morning, it was really strong until I have to ponder what I want to do in my life.

Well , the only think that keep me firmly on what I'm doing today are my kids. They are the one keeping me slogging through my life. Well... mother loves never know boundaries right. No matter how tired I am, when one of my kids asked for help, I would not hesitate.

That's what happened last night. I reached home around 8pm after on the road for more than an hour. Thanks to the traffic jam. When I got home, my brother in law and his wife were there. They came over to visit my sick mother in law and also to discuss something with my husband. I let them talk and discuss their family affairs. No interference from me.

I thought I could rest for a while, but Syafiq came and asked me to help him with the C++ Programming. He has his exam this morning at 8am. Good luck son. He has some problem with understanding some of the C++ terms. Being a mother and also I know the topic, I sat down with him. that time I was still not having my shower or my dinner. No matter how tired I am, I still helped him.

From helping him, we moved to discuss music. I saw his playlists, and he introduced me to some of his favorite singers, which are not popular at all. After that, he went and played The River Flows in You on the piano. It made me relax as that is one of my favorite song.

After he left, I have other tasked, which my kids think that only me can do it. Not even their dad. Do you know what? It checking the text books, taping what ever need to be taped and wrapped it. Haiyahhh... at that time I was still not having my shower. the time that I can really chill down and enjoy my reading, it was almost 11.30pm. But I'm grateful and thankful to Allah for giving me four lovely kids who occasionally drives me crazy with their antics. They are my world no matter what they do....

Friday, October 18, 2013


Hari ini
Kepala pusing
Tak tahu kenapa
Aku jadi pening

Pagi ni
Semua okay
Siap berbalas
Mesej lagi
Dengan member
Penuh dengan teaser

Masuk office
Masih senyum
Masih mengusik
Anak buah ku
Ahh… inikan hari Jumaat
Relax lah sikit

Dengan senyum
Buka email
Senyum lagi
Dapat mesej
Dari seseorang

Nafas ku sesak
Suruh ku buat.

Bila masa
Jadi kerja ku
Pandai betul kau kan
Taici kerja mu

Hah… ini lah dia
Dunia koperat
Atau dunia keparat
Asyik kerja
Mengampu orang
Dirinya senang

Bukannya aku
Untuk jadi
Kaki mengampu

Kerana bengang
Otak ku
Terus shutdown
Tak mahu berfikir lagi
Ku tinggalkan kerja ku…

Biarlah aku
Melayan mood ku
Ahh... inikan hari Jumaat...
Relax lah

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kids, Books and Reading Habit

Once upon a time, when they were young
It has been very quiet here. Well, I have been busy updating my other blog.. my malay blog. Lately, I found it difficult to write in English. Not sure what caused it, but my instinct says that I have been reading too many Malay novels, and my thinking is now mainly in Malay. It used to be in English. Hah! I need to train my brain to think in both languages simultaneously. Can I? Inshaallah boleh…

Well, of late I have been reading again. At one time, I was kind of lost interest in reading, but Alhamdulillah I found the joy of reading again. Sometimes, I feel that I spend too much time on reading; staying late night just to finish the books. But, it was worth every minute.

I try to instil the same reading habit with my kids. Do they have the same passion as me? Aaahh… let start with my youngest.

Zaara or I call her my Drama Queen. I read to her every night before she goes to sleep. That was before she knows how to read. Most of the time, I enjoy our time together. It is bonding time between mum and daughter. But, there were times I just want her to go to bed without me reading her anything. 

She will also dictate what story or book to read and when we were out of books or stories, she will force me to come out with my own stories.

Now she can read on her own, it eases me a lot. Just like me, she will have her book next to her bed. I will be sitting next to her bed with my book and she with her book. She will read two to four pages before saying goodnight. I really enjoy the moment.

Zaki a.k.a the drummer boy or the joker. He doesn’t read all the time like Drama Queen, but whenever he has a new book, he will finish it up within a day or two. Until I buy him another book, he would spend his time practicing his air drum. Yup, this boy is going through his rock music phase. Two years ago, it was KPOP and today it is Avenged Sevenfold. With his drumsticks and iPad, he will bang my sofa to the beat of the Avenged Sevenfold song until I ask him to stop.

Amir a.k.a the engine boy or the serious one. He likes anything to do with engines. He can spend hours looking at youtube on plane, train and cars. The engine boy likes to read. He loves to read mystery and thriller books, and every week he asks me to buy a book for him. Did I get it for him all the time? Nope or else I will be broke. But, whenever he didn't have new books, he will asked for my book. Haha… I can’t share my books with him yet. It is too early for him to read my kind of book.

Syafiq a.k.a the big brother or the musician. Oh… this one, I have tried to get him to read since young, but suffice to say he is not a reader. He is like the drummer boy, into music. Not to say he didn’t read at all. He does but depends on the book. He likes inspirational book and autobiography. Other than that, I didn’t see him read much. Most of his time is spent playing his guitar or fiddling with the piano.

What about my dear hubby? Well, he reads the newspaper and magazines only. No fiction for him. Sometimes I told him to be creative and read fictions. He is my point of reference for my grammar, and my English teacher.

So, what is the best book that I have read? Obviously, it is the Al-Quran. No doubt about it.