Monday, September 10, 2012

Open House, Food and Jam

It is not too late to wish 'Selamat Hari Raya'. We are into the third week of Syawal, and everyone is back to normal. Busy with works, kids, schools and also Open houses.

Phew! Open house. I had few invitations last Saturday, and one of it was from Bang Ngah who lives in Ampang. He only did it for families and some close friends.

Since we have to drive to Ampang, we anticipated some traffic jam, but it was beyond our expectation. The traffic jam was really bad. It took us 2 hours to reach his places.

Initially, the traffic was okay until we reached Sg Besi Tol. The jam started before the tol, and it looked like a big parking place where the cars cannot move. It took us almost an hour to get out from Sg Besi to MRR2 exit, which was about 1KM from the tol booth.

We felt relief to be out from the situation, but it was a short while. The crawling started again after a few kilometer, and the traffic jam was all the way until two kilometers before we reach Ampang exit.

Since Ampang is a Malay area, we anticipated another jam when we reached Jalan Ampang towards Kg Melayu. True enough! When we reached in front of Ampang Point, there was another crawl, and it was made worse by few traffic lights there.

By the time we reach bang Ngah place, it was almost 5pm, and when we reached there, there were only Along, Anet and my mom. The rests of the clan have not arrived yet. All were stuck in the traffic jam.

All the hassle to reach Ampang was rewarded with good foods. There was lemang, rending, mee kari, satay and other cookies and of course, chatting with my sisters and mom. Well, the happiest bunch was the kids who were busy playing outsides, and they forgot to eat.

I have to leave earlier since I have the air condition man coming to fix my air condition, and I left right after my niece arrived. She was also stuck for more than 2 hours.

Since the traffic towards the road leading to Bangi was very bad, my husband took a different route. He used the Hulu Langat road to get us to Kajang and then to Bangi. I was excited because I never use this route before.

The drive back was very smooth since there was no traffic jam. The route was much longer, but we saved at least 1 hour from the traffic jam. By the time we reached home, it was almost Maghrib, and the kids were getting hungry.

After the prayer, we went out for dinner, and also to send some food to Syafiq, who was busy study for his exams in Uniten. Well! Is there going to be another nightmare this weekend? I know open house is still happening this weekend because I do get an invitation to Open house.