Thursday, September 19, 2013

Reaching the peak?

Ohh!!! My blog has been sleeping. Time to wake up, ya! Wakey, wakey, wakey wake up! That was how my late father used to wake us up in the morning. Oh how I miss my abah. It has been 2 years plus since he left us to meet his maker. Al fatihah untuk abah dan semoga rohnya berada bersama orang-orang yang beriman.

Well, my blog has been silent for few weeks. Not dead, but just gathering dust. The owner has been missing. Not lack of an idea, but too lazy to think what to write. What an excuse!

Well, actually I was quite tied up, not with work but reading. I spent most of my time lately reading and watching those dramas and listening to music. It helps to keep me calm and takes me away from the reality. Escapism!

Well, I’m going through the phase in my life where my priority is no more on work. I guess, I have reached my peak in my career eight years ago where any challenges thrown to me, I would take it and deliver it. But now, I only look forward to the day where I can retire, and be a full time housewife. Hmmm…will I? Only time will tell!

Of late, I feel like a robot. Do thing automatically, step by step. It is as if I have been programmed like a robot, without much thinking needed. I feel like there is not many challenges. Heh…maybe the only challenge is handling my kids who at times can be very demanding.

When I looked back, it is kind of frustrating. The desires are there, but there is no more energy left. What can I say, except the body has been abused for years, and now it screaming for help?

Yeah… maybe it is crying for help. It screams, “ Rest and recharge me, mentally and spiritually.” Well, I did hear the scream, and as before, I turned myself to the Almighty HIM. HE will not abandon me. Pray read Quran and rest. That’s what I do. It is the best way for me to recharge spiritually and mentally, and hope I can bring the shine in me… InsyaAllah