Friday, April 29, 2011

When I can't resist the temptation....

Today, my table was full of files and paper. Huh! When CL left, I have to do most of his work even though I know nothing about Finance. From the job description, it looks easy, but I know how tough it is.

I had the experience of managing the budget for three months in 2009, and that was the most depressing time for me. I have to learn how to use the system; understand the budget and all other processes that related to it. But I survived because the previous guy who managed the budget was still around to help me. This time, no one can help me, and I hope we can get someone fast to do this.

Yesterday, I was still able to do as CL was so kind and came to office. He showed me what to do, and where to get the file. But today, I was really having fun trying to figure out what to do. After, clicking here and there, I gave up. I will need to get the expert to show me how to use the system.

To make it worse today, I can’t access CL’s laptop. His window’s id was disabled, and I need to copy his document into my laptop. Ughhh! I have to call Service Desk to do that, but by the end of the day, I still can’t access it.

But my frustration doesn’t last long. While waiting to figure how to use the system, and how to get the data, I received an email from Apple announcing, “iPad2 is here.” I made a mistake. I shouldn’t click it, but I’m weak. The iPad2 kept on waving and winking at me. I succumbed and purchased it via online.

I don’t regret buying it on-line even though I have to wait until mid May before I can get my iPad2. I heard the queues at the Apple stores were crazy. There were long queues everywhere. Hmmm… If I can wait for few months, why can’t I wait for another two weeks? Right?

And dear iPad2, welcome to my collection of gadgets. You will serve me well.

Sekian. Salam.

Happy Birthday, Sayang...

It’s my husband birthday today. Let’s say, he is not getting any younger, and in another four or five years, he will be staying at home, looking after the kids and the house.

My husband is totally opposite of me. If I am playful, mischievous and a little bit naughty, he is the serious type and disciplinarian. When I first knew him, I was shocked when he told me that he never smokes in his entire life.

“Are you sure?” I asked him with disbelieved look.

“Yes and you can check with my parents,” he said.

But after eighteen years of marriage, I do believe him. There must be a reason why Allah made him my husband, to curb my naughtiness.

Like most men his age, he forgot his own birthday. When I wished him ‘Happy Birthday’ this morning, this is what he said, “Oh ya!” and looked like he just remembered it. He also reminded me, ”When you buy my cake, buy the smaller size.”

And my respond to him was, “If I want to buy you a cake.”

He smiled because he knows I will get him his birthday cake. He was also caught by surprised this evening when I called and told him that we are taking him out for dinner. I expect him to get the kids ready, but when I reached home, none of them were ready to go out.

“Eh! why are you kids not ready? We are going out to celebrate your dad birthday,” I said.

We went to Chan Abdullah Restaurant. It is a Chinese Muslim restaurant and my husband’s favorite restaurant. We ordered Salted Egg Crab, Buttered Prawn, Baby Kailan with Oyster Sauce, Fried Kuew Tiau and soup.

The kids normally don’t like to eat here, but tonight they really enjoyed eating there. They love the Salted Egg Crab, and none of them eat the buttered prawn except my husband.

There was another surprised waited for my husband. He thought that I didn’t buy him cake. But when I told him on the way back that there is dessert waiting for us, he said,” Oh! There’s a cake too?” Ahh! I love throwing all these surprises at my husband.

By the time, we finished eating the cake; the birthday boy and the kids were so full and sleepy.

Happy Birthday, Sayang!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When Prince Charming said Good Bye

Today we have lunch at Kelantan’s Delight. It’s a farewell lunch for our popular, charming, helpful Chee Leong. Yup! He decided to abandon us, and fly to Sydney to further his study, leaving us in the pressure cooker.

Chee Leong is considered as one of a newbie in our Division. He joined us in 2009 after the outsourcing. He was selected among many, to manage our department's finance related matter.

I first saw him in 2007 when I attended his presentation on TIC submission. I was impressed by him. Not only by his presentation skill but also by his looks. After 
that session, I totally forgot about him, until in 2009 when one of the bosses told me that TCL will be joining our department.

I didn’t know that TCL was the same guy that I saw in 2007. When he joined us for the training session in 2009, he sat quietly at the back. Yeah he was gauging us from the back, and plotting how to win us.

Three months later, he strutted to the office with his laptop and sat in the workstation in front of me. Did I give him a big, warm welcome? I don’t think so, but I did remembered saying, “Welcome and you are my life savior.”

For three months after the outsourcing, I suffered. I had three tough months understanding all the financial reports. The moment he came in, I happily dumped it to him, and I had not looked at it again until three days ago, when I was told to assume his role temporary until they find another person to do this. It is giving me nightmare thinking about all those figures.

Well, Chee Leong has managed to win us all. He was so helpful, friendly, charming and gentleman. There were times he waited for us, the ladies, and walked together to the parking.

Hah! We are going to miss our Prince Charming. No more good looking guy sitting in front of me, and one thing for sure when all the numbers don’t make sense to me, I will desperately wish that he is back with us.

CL, as you are making your exit today there will be another person joining us on Monday. Yeah! I think I’m going to have a hard time with this one because he is from England. Do you know what will be the problem? His British slang. No more Manglish in the office!

To Chee Leong, I wish you all the best.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I didn't expect it.....

Last Sunday, after my kids Quran lesson, I sat down and talked to the Ustaz. He is around late twenties or early thirties.

He asked me whether I’m working, and I told him that I worked in a telecommunication company. Then I asked him, “What about your wife?”

He replied, “I’m still single,” and without a pause, he asked me, “Can you find me a wife?”

I was stunned, and was quiet for a while when he said that. Never in million years have I expected someone to ask me to find him a wife. It took me a while to register what he asked, and when it did, I just laughed.

When I told my husband, who joined us later, he said he knew that. The ustaz then said, “Kak, why not you find one for me and one for abang (referring to my hubby).”

It was funny, and I just laughed. I know that if my husband wants another wife, he will find one on his own. He won't ask me to get for him.Hah! He knows the consequences, and I trust my husband. He will not look for another wife because he knows it is not easy to raise another family. One family is enough to give him headache.

For those who wanted to practice polygamy, they need to be fair to all their wives. He has to practice equal treatment in term of loves, property and wealth. It is not easy as no matter what, he will still has his favorite wife.

But some people don’t care about equal treatment. Lust will rule them, and most of them who married more than one, marry a young women, and they are proud of it. Oh! I bet that feeling will be slowly fading away once they realize that they have small kids that need to be feed, need to be cared and most important, need education. All of that need money.

Just imagine, when man at their age can relax and look forward for retirement; they will have to continue to work to support the young wife and kids. Oh yeah! If they have baby, they also have to get up in the middle of the night to take care of the baby. They have to go through the whole cycle as what they have gone through with their first wife.

How many men think about this before they married a second one? Not many I guess because one particular part of their body over rules their rationale thinking.

Okay guys, sorry if I offended you. Sekian. Salam.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Kids and Pasar Tani

Sayur Pegaga
We had our breakfast at MacDonald yesterday. Not my favorite place for breakfast, but the two young kids wanted it. The only one who didn’t join us was Amir. He had a great time at iCity in Shah Alam, together with his school mates.

The teachers took them to experience winter. He was very excited about the trip. The teachers rented them winter coats and boots. When he reached home, he said, "Very cold." Hah good for him! Maybe it will spur him to study hard, and go to Europe or US to further his study.

On the way back from MacDonald, we saw a bunch of kids, playing football. They were actually attending training. I told my hubby that Amir's looking for a new training camp for his football. We stopped, and asked Syafiq to find out from the coach about the training. It’s free. Any kids can come and train with them, but once they are selected to play in a match, they have to pay. The training is on every Sunday morning, 8 – 10am, in the morning. Zaki wanted to join too. Let’s see whether he can stand the training.

Not far from MacDonald, there's a Pasar Tani (farmer’s Market). The whole parking space behind the Kompleks PKNS was taken up by them. You can find food, vegetables, chicken, fish, meat and clothes there.

We stopped by and took the kids with us. This was their first experience going to Pasar Tani. Their first expression was very funny. They were horrified to see the head of the goat on the table, and they can’t stand the smell there.

As we walked from one stall to another, I saw Zara covered her nose. She didn’t like the smell, but she was fascinated with all the goods on sales. Zaki was the brave one. He didn’t show any reaction to the smell or the sight. In fact, he wanted to touch the fish and the chicken, but Syafiq stopped him.

We bought ribs, chicken, lala, sayur pegaga and dried anchovies. Heh I don’t know when I’m going to cook all this, but definitely this week the kids will enjoy some home cook meal.

And for me and my hubby, we plan to go to Pasar Tani every Sunday now since Amir and Zaki will be attending the football training, and it's going to be a busy Sunday morning for us.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Little Dancing Queen

Last night, when I was in the kitchen washing dishes, I heard my little girl singing ‘Dancing Queen’. It was funny to hear her sing because the words didn’t make any sense. But I recognized the melody and the tune.

She loves to watch Mamma Mia, the movie. When ever she has my iPod, she will always load the movie and watch it. Singing and sometimes dancing to the songs. Not only she, but Amir and Zaki also will watch too.

Their favorite scene from the movies is when the ladies slide downs the banister, singing ‘Dancing Queen’. Hahaha..I hope you know which scene I meant.

Okay, here is Dancing Queen by Abba and I dedicated this song to my little girl and all of you.

Enjoy it! 


Friday, April 22, 2011

Passing through Little India..

Today, I went shopping at Mid-Valley during lunch hour. Yay! I seldom do that. We took a cab to Mid Valley. There was no point driving to Mid Valley on Friday during lunch hour because parking will be a nightmare.

Upon reaching Mid-Valley, we didn’t hit the store, but we went and enjoyed our lunch first at Chilis. We were busy talking, texting and tweeting that, by the time we finished eating, we have only 30 minutes to shop.

Thirty-minutes is not a problem to me because I already know what I wanted and from which store. No high heels for me, and this made it easier for me to decide.

And to make my decision easier, I have Metro voucher that’s going to expire on 24th April, so that’s where I spent my time browsing and trying for shoes.

After trying few pairs, I decided on Clarks. Not because it was pretty or what, but it fit my feet nicely and comfortably. That’s the most important thing to me. If I do have a pretty shoes, people won't notice it either.

On the way back to office, the cab driver took us through Brickfields. Actually Brickfields is only 10 minutes walk from my office, but I seldom go there. It is too hot to walk there.

Brickfields has gone through a major transformation. The old town that I used to live now resemble town in India. Last year, the City Hall, upgraded the area. Form a two-way street, it has changed to one-way. The road was also widened to avoid the congestion in that area.

Brickfields nowadays is also known as Little India. You can find all kinds of Indian goods and foods in Brickfields. There are Indian Restaurant, shops selling curry powders, Indian traditional cloths, Indian praying materials and Indian songs. You can also see people selling garlands of flowers in the morning for prayers and wedding.

If you are not Indian, you may not want to be there before Thaipusam and Deepavali. The place is full of people shopping for Deepavali, and the traffic jam is massive. In fact, on normal days also the traffic jam is quite bad.

Because of that we were stuck there for twenty minutes. The cab driver thought that the road will be clear. I don’t mind to be stranded in the jam because, during that short period of time, I came into the most colorful place in Kuala Lumpur.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

When the little girl scared of the teacher.

Today I didn’t go to work because of my back pain. It has been giving me problem, on and off. I felt the pain yesterday, but I ignored it. I thought that when I reached home I could rest, and it would be okay. Unfortunately, I didn't get my rest, and as a result, it got worse. 

I thought I could get some rest today, but my two young kids have a different idea. They camped in my room. Zaki who is in the afternoon session was around in the morning while Zara didn’t go to school today because she was scared of her teacher.

I really don’t understand. How can a teacher invoke this feeling among the small kids? If Zara in primary school, I do understand the teacher behavior because the teacher has 40 students to take care in one class. But this is kindergarten. Maximum in a class is fifteen students only.

I know, being a kindergarten teacher is more challenging than school teacher. But if you want to be a kindergarten teacher, you have to make sure you have the right qualification. The kindergarten teachers need to go for proper training such as children psychology class else how do they know how to handle young children especially the hyperactive and naughty kids. And the most important requirement is they must like children. If not they will be torturing the young kids.

I really hope the teacher will change after I talked to her this morning, but the fear she invoked on Zara will take some time for Zara to get over it. Pity to see for someone who loves school so much is now scared of going to school.

It broke my heart to see her went through this. Yesterday she was hiding in my wardrobe crying. When I saw her hiding, I knew the problem is bigger than I thought. When I asked her, she didn’t say much except someone pulled her hair. I hugged her and told her that she didn’t have to go to school yesterday. I thought the drama is over, but I was wrong.

Today, she cried again. After much persuasion, finally she told me that she is scared of her teacher. No matter what I said, she refused to go to school. Since I was also in pain, I told her that it is okay for her not to go today, but tomorrow she has to go. I also told her that I would call the teacher and find out what happened. She looked happy when I said that, and she promised me, that she would go tomorrow.

I just hope that she will keep to her promise. I don’t want an early morning drama tomorrow and spoil my Friday.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Are you a new broom or an old broom?

Have you ever heard of this saying, ‘New broom sweeps well’? I bet many of you have heard it, and many of you have been the new broom itself which includes me.

How long do you think the new broom will continue to shines if there is no one taking care of the new broom? Will it last for years, or only for a few months? So, if this new broom fails, whose fault is it? Is it the broom’s owner or the broom itself?

Will this failed new broom be left with the old brooms which are broken, bended, twisted, ugly and limped? There is a possibility of that happening. Will the failed new broom collecting dust or will it revived the broken and jaded old broom back to life?

It’s depends whether the old broom wants it or not. If the old broom has enough of the craps around him, the old broom will just sit there, enjoying his days and watching life pass by. But if the old broom wants changes, the old broom will welcomes the new broom. Together they will mend their way, and bring the shines back.

Will it be in the same house they served or will they shine in the new house? That’s depends, right?

Hmmm... which one are you? Are you the new broom or the old broken broom? But one thing for sure, I’m an evergreen broom. Never get old.....

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Whenever my friend says goodbye.....

Ahhh…One by one, my friend resigned. Some found a job somewhere else and some just quit. Life is stressful here, but life must go on.

Most of these people who left have been with the company for many years. Some were longer than me. What made them leave? Not sure but they must have their own reasons.

Eventhough people leaving, one thing for sure and agreed by many, the company has been good to us. It is one of the best companies to work with. No doubt about it.

One of them who is leaving is my colleague, Chee Leong. He will be leaving by the end of the month. I’m going to miss him. So yesterday the three of us, my department is very small, we went for lunch yesterday. When we sat at the table, I am proud to say that we are multicultural, multiracial and multi-language group. The team is made up of Malay, Chinese and Indian. Muhibbah and 1Malaysia!

We had lunch at Chili Expresso, Sooka Sentral. We sat outside, underneath the canopy, and the weather was very nice. Not too hot and not too cold. It was just nice so that we can enjoy our last week together as a team. As we were about to sit, Chee Leong said, “Ahh …It’s like Paris.”

We had a long lunch, and we talked about everything except work. Every time we talked about work, it will spoil the mood, but we did gossip about what happened in the office.

And today, I attended another farewell lunch, together with other five others, but this time it was for my friend, Barry. We worked together in Jakarta. His last day will be this week, and he is taking a month break before starting at his new company.

Who else is leaving? Not sure but hope no one that I know. Every time they say goodbye, a piece of me die with them. That’s how I feel.

To Barry, all the best and enjoy your break.

Sekian ….Salam.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Lempeng for breakfast

On Sunday, my hubby took us out for breakfast at Asam Pedas in Bangi. The place was full when we reached there. However, we didn’t have to wait for long before Amir managed to secure tables for us.

Initially, I told hubby just to pack and bring back home, but he insisted that we went there so that I can see all the food varieties the restaurant offers. I was impressed. They served so many kuih and foods there.

Besides the normal ‘nasi lemak’, ‘mee goreng’, ‘mee hoon’, ‘kew tiau goreng’, and ‘roti canai’, they also have ‘nasi dagang’, ‘pulut’, ‘roti jala’ and my favorite, ‘lempeng pisang’. Besides ‘lempeng pisang’, they also have ‘lempeng kelapa’, which is my husband favorite. By the way, if you don’t know what’s lempeng, it is actually a Malaysian pancake. Lempeng pisang is banana pancake while lempeng kelapa is coconut pancake.

The lempeng kelapa and pisang seem to be hit with the crowds. When I was young, my mom liked to make it for us. I will eat it either with ‘sambal’, fish or chicken gravy or with sugar.

Lempeng is the easiest and cheapest food to prepare. You don’t see people selling lempeng back then. But today, you can make money from it. Thanks to the busy life of working moms.

When I first told my kids about lempeng, which was about a month ago, their first responds were, “Lempeng? What’s that.” and their first reaction when they saw the picture of lempeng, “Ohhh! Tak sedap! (not nice)”

But now they have a different perception about lempeng. They like it, especially lempeng pisang, and now they look forward for me to make lempeng. When will it be? Hahaha…don’t knows yet. But insya allah, one of these days.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

One Year Anniversary

Today, we have a great time, but not the weather. It has been raining since morning on and off, but that didn’t stop us from going out.

What did we do today? Nothing special except we took the kids out and spent the whole afternoon outside. First we went to my to my friend’s son’s wedding in Taman Mesra. I knew the boy since he was a baby, and now he is married. Congratulations to him and ‘Selamat Pengantin Baru’. He looked very handsome. When I looked at him today, I feel old. Time certainly flies.

Talking about being old, I also forgot that my blog anniversary was on 14th April 2010. I always thought that it was on the 18th April. Luckily I checked my oldest entry, or else I'll be four days late celebrating my one year anniversary.

Without realizing it, I enjoy blogging, but it was not a smooth sailing experience. There were times I struggled to write, but there are times, it just flows. It took me almost a year to find my rhythm to write, and I can say I’m pretty happy with it now.

I also have to say that the comments that I received from Facebook, Twitters or the blog itself, inspired me to be a better blogger. Thank you to those who follow and read my blog. You are my greatest inspiration for me to continue to blog.

Since I have nothing to offer for this one year anniversary, here I’m sharing with you one of my favorite song with you. Listen to the music. Doesn't it make you feel so relaxed? Well this is the song that I will go to when I want to chill down. 

Here's Sailing by Christopher Cross. Enjoy it!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Little Dear Artist.

Tonight, we have an ustaz coming to our house to teach the children ‘mengaji’. I thought of joining them, but I was caught in the jam at NPE. There was a fire at one kampong along the NPE.

I saw three fire trucks, polices, ambulances and the Emergency Respond Team at the scene.

We have been looking for a place to send the kids to mengaji, but we can not find it here. As a last resort, we have to hire the Ustaz to teach us. Everyone in the family including me and my hubby will be learning the right way of reading the Quran.

Since today is the first day, I let the four of them 'mengaji' first. Zaki started first, and since he has mengaji before, it was not a problem. I think he can finish the IQRA 1 in three days.

For Zara, she just started to mengaji, but she was not bad. She covered at least 4 pages today.

As the two were busy ‘mengaji’, Syafiq showed me a drawing done by Zara this afternoon. Here is the first drawing. She drew a picture of her family, and you can see that the picture of the father is on the right while she is on the left most and in green color. Look at that picture. She drew her picture with long hair whereas the rest have spiky hair. What other thing can you spotted in the picture.

The second drawing was a picture of the three of us; my hubby, me, her and our house. What do you think? Does she have talent? Ha-ha! Cannot tell yet but she loves to scribbles and draws thing.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tale of the Land of No Name - The Beginning

The union between the Queen and the Prince was not successful. The people of the Land of No Names were extremely unhappy.

“Oh! The times before the union was much better than now,” moan Kevin.

“I agreed with you,” said Jack looking over his farm. “Just look at my crops. It’s not growing as it used to be.”

Everybody who was at Jack’s house nodded. “I wish the union can be broken,” said Michael.

“Can it be done?” asked Kevin.

“Nay. God will punish us for thinking that,” said Peter.

All of them were quiet and pondered about their future. Suddenly, Joseph who has been listening the conversation asked,” What about the new king? Can he help us?”

Everybody looked at Jack expecting him to answer. “Ahhh…I don’t know. I heard he has been busy. Give him some time to settle,” said Jack.

“How much time did he needs? Didn’t he know that we need help here?” asked Michael.

“I have no answer to that,” said Jack. “Let’s get back to work,” he said and get up and walk to the field.

As the day passed by, the people continue to feel restless. They have not heard any news from the King nor the Queen. Everybody feels very de-motivated. As they were walking back from the field, suddenly they heard the sound of trumpet coming from the town square. Everybody went to see what it was.

“Hear ye! Hear ye!” said the soldier on the horse. “The king would like to meet all of you here tomorrow night. All are welcome to the meeting.”

Everybody feels anxious. Why suddenly the King wanted to meet them? Everybody started to talk about it.

The next night the King came with all his generals and knights. He was riding the finest horse and wearing the finest clothes that people never seen before. People filled up the town square until the edge. There was no space at all.

The King moved forward. Everybody was quiet waiting for him to say something. He looked at the people and said,” My people, thank you for coming tonight. I have wanted to meet you, but I have many things to learn first about the place and the culture. I promise that I will take care of you, and bring back the glory to the land where the people are happy, and the trees, plants, crops and animals will grow like before. Please be patient my people.”

The people nodded, and after more speech from the king, he left. The people of Land of No Name suddenly feel that there were still hopes for their future