Friday, April 22, 2011

Passing through Little India..

Today, I went shopping at Mid-Valley during lunch hour. Yay! I seldom do that. We took a cab to Mid Valley. There was no point driving to Mid Valley on Friday during lunch hour because parking will be a nightmare.

Upon reaching Mid-Valley, we didn’t hit the store, but we went and enjoyed our lunch first at Chilis. We were busy talking, texting and tweeting that, by the time we finished eating, we have only 30 minutes to shop.

Thirty-minutes is not a problem to me because I already know what I wanted and from which store. No high heels for me, and this made it easier for me to decide.

And to make my decision easier, I have Metro voucher that’s going to expire on 24th April, so that’s where I spent my time browsing and trying for shoes.

After trying few pairs, I decided on Clarks. Not because it was pretty or what, but it fit my feet nicely and comfortably. That’s the most important thing to me. If I do have a pretty shoes, people won't notice it either.

On the way back to office, the cab driver took us through Brickfields. Actually Brickfields is only 10 minutes walk from my office, but I seldom go there. It is too hot to walk there.

Brickfields has gone through a major transformation. The old town that I used to live now resemble town in India. Last year, the City Hall, upgraded the area. Form a two-way street, it has changed to one-way. The road was also widened to avoid the congestion in that area.

Brickfields nowadays is also known as Little India. You can find all kinds of Indian goods and foods in Brickfields. There are Indian Restaurant, shops selling curry powders, Indian traditional cloths, Indian praying materials and Indian songs. You can also see people selling garlands of flowers in the morning for prayers and wedding.

If you are not Indian, you may not want to be there before Thaipusam and Deepavali. The place is full of people shopping for Deepavali, and the traffic jam is massive. In fact, on normal days also the traffic jam is quite bad.

Because of that we were stuck there for twenty minutes. The cab driver thought that the road will be clear. I don’t mind to be stranded in the jam because, during that short period of time, I came into the most colorful place in Kuala Lumpur.



  1. I can just picture this. I notice that you wear the traditional, Sari's (sp), clothing so I can see that nobody can see those beautiful shoes but it is so wonderful that we women feel beautiful inside and out and a nice pair of shoes can do that. I imagine that you get to see the most beautiful colors in the world. You are very lucky but, I am so greatful that I get to experience the great Southwest of the USa and the northeast of North America. If you ever make it over hear, come visit and I can show you what real US cowboys look like and they are CUTE. I live in Northeast Nevada and was raised in Idaho. USA

  2. Neecee, I never get the chance to see those cowboys when I was in US. Maybe I will take up the offer to see those cute cowboys.