Thursday, April 21, 2011

When the little girl scared of the teacher.

Today I didn’t go to work because of my back pain. It has been giving me problem, on and off. I felt the pain yesterday, but I ignored it. I thought that when I reached home I could rest, and it would be okay. Unfortunately, I didn't get my rest, and as a result, it got worse. 

I thought I could get some rest today, but my two young kids have a different idea. They camped in my room. Zaki who is in the afternoon session was around in the morning while Zara didn’t go to school today because she was scared of her teacher.

I really don’t understand. How can a teacher invoke this feeling among the small kids? If Zara in primary school, I do understand the teacher behavior because the teacher has 40 students to take care in one class. But this is kindergarten. Maximum in a class is fifteen students only.

I know, being a kindergarten teacher is more challenging than school teacher. But if you want to be a kindergarten teacher, you have to make sure you have the right qualification. The kindergarten teachers need to go for proper training such as children psychology class else how do they know how to handle young children especially the hyperactive and naughty kids. And the most important requirement is they must like children. If not they will be torturing the young kids.

I really hope the teacher will change after I talked to her this morning, but the fear she invoked on Zara will take some time for Zara to get over it. Pity to see for someone who loves school so much is now scared of going to school.

It broke my heart to see her went through this. Yesterday she was hiding in my wardrobe crying. When I saw her hiding, I knew the problem is bigger than I thought. When I asked her, she didn’t say much except someone pulled her hair. I hugged her and told her that she didn’t have to go to school yesterday. I thought the drama is over, but I was wrong.

Today, she cried again. After much persuasion, finally she told me that she is scared of her teacher. No matter what I said, she refused to go to school. Since I was also in pain, I told her that it is okay for her not to go today, but tomorrow she has to go. I also told her that I would call the teacher and find out what happened. She looked happy when I said that, and she promised me, that she would go tomorrow.

I just hope that she will keep to her promise. I don’t want an early morning drama tomorrow and spoil my Friday.

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