Monday, April 4, 2011

A Great Day But Little Bit Sad!

Today, it just me, my mom and Musliha, my mom assistant. I took a day off today to send her to hospital but by the time I reached my sister’s house in Pantai Hill Park, she already made up her mind not to see the doctor.

We didn't do much in the morning. We just watched TV and chit chatting and we also discussed about her breast cancer. Actually mom went for an alternative treatment for her cancer and tomorrow she will be seeing her doctor to do further checkup on the growth. 

By 12 noon, I took her and Musliha to Mid Valley for lunch. We went to Chilis. I ordered Fajitas while both of them ordered Country Fried Chicken. I laughed when Musliha saw the food. The serving was big and being a tiny and skinny person, she worried that I will force her to finish the food. But I did not.

As we were enjoying our food, I felt sad because I remembered dad. Dad would love Chilis.  He was a good eater and loved all kind of food. He would have enjoyed the fried chicken and also the nachos.

After lunch, we went to MPH Bookstore and I bought few book and one of it was “Doctor in the House” by Dr. Mahatir. My husband was looking for this book earlier and it was out of stock. Since I knew that he wanted to this book, I grabbed a copy for his birthday’s present which is at the end of the month.

We did not stay long in Mid Valley because mom wanted to go back to Seremban. By 2pm we left Mid Valley to Seremban but on the way, we decided to stop at my house. The last time my mom came was when my house was still not fully furnished. She also wanted to meet her grandchildren. She met all her grandkids except Zaki who was in school.

We reached Seremban at 4.50pm and I felt something is missing. Usually my dad will be sitting in his favorite chair, watching tv while holding the remote. He will controlled the TV.

I went to my dad's room and my mom offered me to take few of his clothing. I almost cried when I touched his clothes. Neatly hanged and folded in the wardrobe. I decided to take two sarongs for my sons and few of his t-shirts. I'm not sure when mom's going to clear dad's thing. It will be painful but we have to do it. 

By 6.15pm, after saying goodbye to mom, I left for Bangi. I also pray that her appointment with the doctor will went well and she doesn’t need any operation. 



  1. Its always make me sad when I go to see her because expect to see abah also..

  2. My sympathies for a sad day and your loss. Still, the good memories are part of the grieving.

  3. Ami, sentiasa sedih kan bila nampak semua pasal abah..