Saturday, April 9, 2011

I Feel Good

Woo Hoo!!! Yeay!!! That’s how I felt today. Happy! After months of waiting, finally Telekom installed my streamyx today. With the installation of streamyx, it means my wireless network is also up and no more fighting for the poor Maxis Broadband modem. 

I have to thanks the technician who came to install the streamyx. He was very patient to answer my questions. I have to thank the Streamyx technical support lady who took my call when I have the connection problem tonight. Both were excellent, technically and also in the customer services.

I also have another happy news that I want to share with you. My mom is doing great after her operation. I went to see her this afternoon and she was already drinking, eating and also sitting on her own. Thank you, Allah for giving mom the strength to go through this.

Tonight, my youngest sister, Arda will be staying with mom in the ward. Thank you, Arda for volunteering to stay with mom tonight.

And to end this happy occasion, here is a song by James Brown – I Feel Good! Look at his footwork! WOW!


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