Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tale of the Land of No Name - The Beginning

The union between the Queen and the Prince was not successful. The people of the Land of No Names were extremely unhappy.

“Oh! The times before the union was much better than now,” moan Kevin.

“I agreed with you,” said Jack looking over his farm. “Just look at my crops. It’s not growing as it used to be.”

Everybody who was at Jack’s house nodded. “I wish the union can be broken,” said Michael.

“Can it be done?” asked Kevin.

“Nay. God will punish us for thinking that,” said Peter.

All of them were quiet and pondered about their future. Suddenly, Joseph who has been listening the conversation asked,” What about the new king? Can he help us?”

Everybody looked at Jack expecting him to answer. “Ahhh…I don’t know. I heard he has been busy. Give him some time to settle,” said Jack.

“How much time did he needs? Didn’t he know that we need help here?” asked Michael.

“I have no answer to that,” said Jack. “Let’s get back to work,” he said and get up and walk to the field.

As the day passed by, the people continue to feel restless. They have not heard any news from the King nor the Queen. Everybody feels very de-motivated. As they were walking back from the field, suddenly they heard the sound of trumpet coming from the town square. Everybody went to see what it was.

“Hear ye! Hear ye!” said the soldier on the horse. “The king would like to meet all of you here tomorrow night. All are welcome to the meeting.”

Everybody feels anxious. Why suddenly the King wanted to meet them? Everybody started to talk about it.

The next night the King came with all his generals and knights. He was riding the finest horse and wearing the finest clothes that people never seen before. People filled up the town square until the edge. There was no space at all.

The King moved forward. Everybody was quiet waiting for him to say something. He looked at the people and said,” My people, thank you for coming tonight. I have wanted to meet you, but I have many things to learn first about the place and the culture. I promise that I will take care of you, and bring back the glory to the land where the people are happy, and the trees, plants, crops and animals will grow like before. Please be patient my people.”

The people nodded, and after more speech from the king, he left. The people of Land of No Name suddenly feel that there were still hopes for their future

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