Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Little Dancing Queen

Last night, when I was in the kitchen washing dishes, I heard my little girl singing ‘Dancing Queen’. It was funny to hear her sing because the words didn’t make any sense. But I recognized the melody and the tune.

She loves to watch Mamma Mia, the movie. When ever she has my iPod, she will always load the movie and watch it. Singing and sometimes dancing to the songs. Not only she, but Amir and Zaki also will watch too.

Their favorite scene from the movies is when the ladies slide downs the banister, singing ‘Dancing Queen’. Hahaha..I hope you know which scene I meant.

Okay, here is Dancing Queen by Abba and I dedicated this song to my little girl and all of you.

Enjoy it! 



  1. Hello my friend. I have been moving so I am only managing to catch up on blogs now ... this is so sweet. I wish you had managed to record your little girl being a dancing queen.

    I have missed the stories of your beautiful family ...

  2. Hi Jodene, hope you have settle in at your new place. Haha..Let's see whether I can record it next time.