Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One morning in Metro Kajang...

Today, I spent my morning at Hospital An-Nur and Metro Kajang. Since my pain didn’t go away, I went to see doctor. Well, they gave me a jab on my shoulder to reduce the pain.

After my visit to hospital, my hubby took me to Kajang instead of home. He wanted to go to TM Point and complaint about our streamyx line. I just don’t understand why Telekom took months just to transfer my line. Either they are inefficient or their customer representatives didn’t understand the whole issue. The irony is Telekom keeps on billing me for my internet services when the line has not been activated. Telekom totally fails here.

Since I was in pain, my hubby left me at the Metro Kajang. I found a strategic place to sit, at Baker’s Cottage. In front of me is Game Station, selling all kinds of games devices. Hah, I was tempted to buy Wii for my kids but I didn't. The sales girl was smart. She showed me XBOX and PS3 and tried to convince me to buy PS3 but I need to do more research on these two devices.

As I was sitting there, I saw so many school children in their school’s t-shirt loitering at Metro Kajang. No doubt today is Wednesday where they have co-curriculum but from what I know, they still have to attend classes in the afternoon. Since it was 11am, shouldn’t they head home to get ready for their afternoon classes? 

I also saw a young boy caught by the security guard. Not sure what he did but it definitely has something to do with shoplifting or destroying some properties. When he was taken to the security room, his friends, all very young, were waiting anxiously for him outside the room. Finally his brother came and joined him in the room. By the time, I left they were still in the room. 

No doubt the young boy might be at fault but I don’t like the way the security guard handled him. The way the security guard dragged him was way to rough, as if trying to tell the whole world, I’m in charge here. I hope the boy learned his lesson after today.

When I reached home, it was almost noon and it was time to get Zaki ready to school but my eyes have different agenda. The pain killer finally kicked in and I slept the whole afternoon. Aahhhh! Nikmatnya tidur!!!!

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