Monday, April 11, 2011

Real Friends are Hard to Find

Last Monday, my friend, Balqis MZ came over to my house to drop me a piece of cake and a book. Her daughter won the cake from the contest in the FB. The cake was delicious.

Balqis is a writer. She gave me one of her book titled ‘Sekuntum Mawar untuk Adikku’, and it was a book on Islam. I told her that I wanted to read and review the book, but I haven’t gotten time to read it yet. Insyallah, I will read it soon.

She signed the book and wrote ‘To Zai, my dorm mate yang blues’. That words ‘blues’ brought happy memories during my day in college. Heh! Balqis and I were two rugged chic during our college days. We were closed from first semester, but she changed in the final semester. From jeans loving person she changed to tudung (hijab). I was somewhat lost for a while with her drastic changed. Until today, I still didn’t know what triggered her sudden changed, and I will not ask.

We lost contact for many years, but I bumped into her when I was pregnant with my first child. We lost contact again until Facebook connected us back last year. She is now a successful children book writer, and her book carries Islamic message. The book is extremely easy to understand especially for kids.

Oh! And she just told me that she has another book coming out soon. Congratulations and I wish Balqis a successful career in writing and in spreading her message of Islam through her writing. Insyallah..


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