Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When Prince Charming said Good Bye

Today we have lunch at Kelantan’s Delight. It’s a farewell lunch for our popular, charming, helpful Chee Leong. Yup! He decided to abandon us, and fly to Sydney to further his study, leaving us in the pressure cooker.

Chee Leong is considered as one of a newbie in our Division. He joined us in 2009 after the outsourcing. He was selected among many, to manage our department's finance related matter.

I first saw him in 2007 when I attended his presentation on TIC submission. I was impressed by him. Not only by his presentation skill but also by his looks. After 
that session, I totally forgot about him, until in 2009 when one of the bosses told me that TCL will be joining our department.

I didn’t know that TCL was the same guy that I saw in 2007. When he joined us for the training session in 2009, he sat quietly at the back. Yeah he was gauging us from the back, and plotting how to win us.

Three months later, he strutted to the office with his laptop and sat in the workstation in front of me. Did I give him a big, warm welcome? I don’t think so, but I did remembered saying, “Welcome and you are my life savior.”

For three months after the outsourcing, I suffered. I had three tough months understanding all the financial reports. The moment he came in, I happily dumped it to him, and I had not looked at it again until three days ago, when I was told to assume his role temporary until they find another person to do this. It is giving me nightmare thinking about all those figures.

Well, Chee Leong has managed to win us all. He was so helpful, friendly, charming and gentleman. There were times he waited for us, the ladies, and walked together to the parking.

Hah! We are going to miss our Prince Charming. No more good looking guy sitting in front of me, and one thing for sure when all the numbers don’t make sense to me, I will desperately wish that he is back with us.

CL, as you are making your exit today there will be another person joining us on Monday. Yeah! I think I’m going to have a hard time with this one because he is from England. Do you know what will be the problem? His British slang. No more Manglish in the office!

To Chee Leong, I wish you all the best.


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