Friday, April 29, 2011

When I can't resist the temptation....

Today, my table was full of files and paper. Huh! When CL left, I have to do most of his work even though I know nothing about Finance. From the job description, it looks easy, but I know how tough it is.

I had the experience of managing the budget for three months in 2009, and that was the most depressing time for me. I have to learn how to use the system; understand the budget and all other processes that related to it. But I survived because the previous guy who managed the budget was still around to help me. This time, no one can help me, and I hope we can get someone fast to do this.

Yesterday, I was still able to do as CL was so kind and came to office. He showed me what to do, and where to get the file. But today, I was really having fun trying to figure out what to do. After, clicking here and there, I gave up. I will need to get the expert to show me how to use the system.

To make it worse today, I can’t access CL’s laptop. His window’s id was disabled, and I need to copy his document into my laptop. Ughhh! I have to call Service Desk to do that, but by the end of the day, I still can’t access it.

But my frustration doesn’t last long. While waiting to figure how to use the system, and how to get the data, I received an email from Apple announcing, “iPad2 is here.” I made a mistake. I shouldn’t click it, but I’m weak. The iPad2 kept on waving and winking at me. I succumbed and purchased it via online.

I don’t regret buying it on-line even though I have to wait until mid May before I can get my iPad2. I heard the queues at the Apple stores were crazy. There were long queues everywhere. Hmmm… If I can wait for few months, why can’t I wait for another two weeks? Right?

And dear iPad2, welcome to my collection of gadgets. You will serve me well.

Sekian. Salam.


  1. oooohh...ipad2 gonna help you to finish your stress time when budgeting

  2. Definitely..It will keep me company in the office when everyone has gone back home. :-)