Sunday, May 1, 2011

What can I say.....

It’s 30th April, and it means the last day to file in the income tax. Did I manage to do it in time? Yes, I did. Actually, mine was ready for a week, but I didn’t submit it because I can’t find the receipt on the computer that I purchased last year. Not sure where it was.

Since I can’t find it, I didn’t claim for it. What can I say except too bad. It’s a lesson to me to keep all my receipt in one place.

Today, must be not a good day for me because in the morning, I happily wore my T-Shirt inside out and sent Syafiq to his school.

He has an audition at school for teacher’s day, and I hope he will get through to the next round. Maybe Syafiq was nervous, that’s why he didn’t see my shirt. Then I went to Asam Pedas for breakfast. I wanted to eat Lempeng Pisang, but by the time we reached there, it’s all gone. What can I say? It is very popular with the crowd.

Since lempeng is not available, I happily went and chose other food. The funny thing is nobody looks at my inside out T-shirt. Maybe they are too polite to stare or say something.

Well when did I realize it? In front of my house door when Zaki pointed it to me and said, “Ibu you are wearing your t-shirt inside out.”

Me: “Got meh?” and looked at my t-shirt and laughed. The kids laughed too, and that’s when my husband said, “Havoc! This family is havoc.”

What can I say except to laugh at it.

So what does it mean? Is it a good or bad signed? Alicia, one of my friends said something good will happened. But to me, it was a result of dressing in the dark

Sekian. Salam.

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