Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's a school holiday!

Yeay! The school holidays has started. I'm happy and so do my kids. Zara, who has problem going to school, kept asking me how many days will be the holiday. When I told her that it would be two weeks, she was very happy. Happy because no more me pestering her every morning to go to school.

I didn't plan anything for them except to be at home. I think this school holiday will be the most boring school holiday for them. Ahh...give them PSP and books, they will enjoy their holiday. Anyway Zaki requires at least 7 days to recover from his circumcision, and Syafiq needs to study for his exam SPM exam in October. The SPM is a Do or Die exam. Failed, you will go nowhere. So, no play-play for him!

I'm worried that since they are highly super active kids, they might drive their grandfather crazy during the school holiday. I really hope not. The school holiday also means, it will be less hectic for me. No rush to prepare breakfast, and getting them ready for school.

To celebrate my moment of relaxnes  (is there such a word here), here, is a song from Cliff Richards. ‘Summer Holiday’ that I dedicated to all school children and their parents. Enjoy!


  1. I also used to love school holidays and I'm glad the whole family gets time to relax and not worry about school for a while ... grandfathers have a special patience with grandchildren!

  2. True..their grandfather is the most kindest person, and he pampered the girl very much.