Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I cherished our childhood memory

I have a new grand nephew, my third grand nephew. He was born yesterday. My Bang Ngah will be the happiest man because finally he has a grandson he can dote on. To Ita and Najib, congratulation, and to Naemah, now you have a little brother to play with.

Today is also my sister birthday. She is two years younger than me. She is totally opposite of me in terms of character. I’m the quite one whereas she's the talker in the family. She can really talk, and that’s why she’s a good sales manager.

I still remembered when we just moved to Port Dickson. I was ten, and she was eight. On our first day of school in Port Dickson, my dad asked us to take the army truck to go home from school. Yeah! We were an army brat. It was a privilege to go to school on truck. We boarded the right truck, but when the truck turn right instead of left to the army camp, I was worried. The truck was heading away from the house, and when the truck stopped to pick up more students from other school, I dragged my sister down from the truck. Not knowing where we were, we continued to walk. 

I thought we were heading back to the camp, but we were actually heading toward the town. At that time, it was almost dark, but Allah was great, my dad saw us when he was on the way back home from PD town. He stopped and took us home. That was one scary experience that I had, and every time I think about it, I shuddered. We might not be here anymore.

My sister also has a good voice. She can sing, and when we were young we always like to imitate the rock band like Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Led Zepplin and many other bands. She would be the singer and the guitarist, and I would be the drummer. She would be fighting with my brother Zahir for lead singer. I missed those moments.

She was also an athlete like me. Eventhough, she was not as active as me, but she played hockey. She was also a runner. But her favorite past time when she was young was watching TV. She would lie down in front of the TV and would be there until her bed time. She hardly open her book, but yet she scored in her exam. 

We both went to US to further our study. I came back alone, but she came back with a hubby and a daughter. Yeah! She married to an American guy, and her daughter is an American citizen. She has another daughter who looks more like her American relatives than us, and both are adorable.

To my sister, Ami, I wish you, a very Happy Birthday. May Allah bless you and grant you all your wishes. I believe in you, and you can make it, and I cherished our childhood memory.  



  1. Another special family birthday! Happy birthday sis!

    Much love to you my friend! ;-)

  2. ami abdul rahmanMay 25, 2011 at 11:55 PM

    thank you Kak..I too, cherished those times when we were younger..sometimes i wish that we could spend more time like those days...fighting over the easiest chore...funny thing is, i could not recall that scary experience..

  3. Mi, you were only 8 at that time. To you it was all adventure and fun.