Thursday, May 26, 2011

I can't wait for school holidays

I am really looking forward to the next two weeks. It is a school holiday, and I’m not going anywhere. I will be taking two days off to stay at home with the kids. 

I'm always looking forward to school holiday. First, there is no rush in the morning. On a usual school’s days, Syafiq left the house by 6.50am, and he has no transport to go to school. Every morning my hubby will send him and then come back again to get ready to work.

When he leaves the house early, it means that I have to get up early too to prepare for breakfast. Since I’m not a morning person, this is very challenging. There were times that I was too tired that I doze off on the sofa.

Secondly, the traffic will be less. Most people are going for holiday; therefore, the road will be less crowded. Will there be no traffic jam? I don't know, but let's pray no jam. Oh yeah! There will be plenty parking lot available too.

Thirdly, I will have time to myself. On school’s night, I normally sit down with them to go through their homework and revision. Sometimes when I reached home late and tired, they would be waiting for me. When I asked them to go and asked their dad, they would reply, “Ayah don’t know.” 

Fourthly, Zaki has decided to 'bersunat' (circumcision). Yup every Muslim boy has to go through this. Some did it a very tender age, and some waited until they were thirteen or fourteen years old. I’m glad he decided to do it now. Actually, he has been asking for this since last year, but I have no confidence about it.

I already booked the appointment at Ampang Putri Specialist Hospital for him this coming Wednesday. Not sure how he will react when he has to be warded for half-day, but for one thing, he wouldn't feel the pain because I have asked for the full GA to be given to him. He would be totally knocked out and wouldn't remember anything or what has been done.

The only thing I’m worried is that he might change his mind last minute, but let’s pray that he will stick to his decision. And he also said, “Ibu, I don’t need anything special from you except give me RM10.”

“Really? RM10 is enough?” I asked.
“Yes,” he replied. To him, he can get two PSP games with RM10. 

Okay, I gotta go now. They kids are calling. Salam.

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