Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm sad....

I am sad and very hurt today. I was okay in the morning. In fact, I was very happy this morning when my hubby gave me a package which he took from the mail box. I knew the package was from my friend in Canada. I also had a nice chat with my new boss, Mr. G. We talked about work and his home country. Such a nice gentleman. Polite and soft spoken.

After he had left for the other office, I began my mission in searching for the right song for us to sing this Friday. I listed four songs to be chosen by them. The first song was Umbrella by Rihanna and followed by Memories by Barbara Straisend. Both were not accepted as they find it difficult to sing.

The third song in my list was I’ll be missing you by Puff Daddy. They liked the song, nice and easy to sing, but we can’t find someone who can rap. Our Mr. Rapper has resigned. 

The last song in the list was Somewhere Over the Rainbow. It was very well received, and they loved it, but somehow after we listened for a few times, it was not an easy song to sing it in a group.

Finally after cracking my head, I remembered one of my favorite song, Under the Broadwalk by Bruce Willis, which I would sing along whenever it is played on the radio. Yeay! Finally, it was accepted.

I also had a great time during my lunch break. I went out with friends, and we discussed our plan. It was a great discussion, but not the food. We have great ideas and plan what we wanted to do.

While I was doing my work, I saw a message coming to my Facebook. That’s the beginning of my bad day. It was so offensive, and I found it very abusive. I didn’t finish reading it. I seldom lost my temper and get angry, but this afternoon, I was really mad. I replied a short message, and for someone who never used the F-Word before, I used it this time.

From that moment, my day was spoilt. Eventhough, I tried to be jovial, but I can’t. I was so sad with what happened; it brought tears to my eye. At least I managed to talk to someone who helped me to improve my mood.

And tonight, while I was working on my office laptop, it crashed. It just frozen, and when I rebooted, it cannot find the booting disk. I knew I was attacked by a virus. And this afternoon, a spammer hijacked my Facebook causing my account to spam others. Luckily someone alerted me, and I changed my password immediately.

It was really a bad day for me. I hope tomorrow will be a better day, and my technical support team can fix my laptop. Otherwise, I will be crying tomorrow as I do not do any backup to my data.


  1. sabar lah ateh.. the world is round.. hati kene mau jaga baik ya.. hehe.. :)

  2. Kira ateh sabar juga tu. Kalau tak lagi teruk kot. Beristigfar ateh....