Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oh! My little Girl....

Today is a Wesak Day. Wishing all my Buddhist friend, Happy Wesak Day and hope everyone had a great day today. 

We didn’t go anywhere except to Mines Shopping Center in Balakong. Normally, I avoided going to the mall on Public Holiday because it will be  packed, and getting parking will be a nightmare.

But for this trip, it was my husband who decided to go to the mall because he succumbed to his favorite girl's demands. Yes, Zara has been whining, harping, crying for PSP. We already have two units, but it belongs to Amir and Zaki. Sometimes they will not let her play with their PSP. So after patiently waiting for more than a year, she created a scene at Kajang Metro on Saturday and continuously repeated it until today.

We went there at 2pm after Syafiq came back from his Math tuition. Upon reaching the mall, there was a long queue for cars to enter the parking. They closed the entrance to the mall parking because it was full. People have to drive their cars further up to park at the Mines International Exhibition and Convention Center (MIECC).

But luck was with us. As we near the parking entrance, the park- attendant removed the barricade, and we happily went into and grabbed the first parking that we found. Before we went hunting for the PSP, we stopped at Big Apple Donut first. That’s the family favorite donut joint. I wanted the cappuccino flavored donut, but the boys took it first. They don’t want the chocolate flavored donut anymore.

We went to the uppermost floor at the mall. The first shop that we stopped at was offering RM 670, 4GB memories, the PSP’s case and the screen protector. 

The second shop quoted RM700, and 4GB memory. The price is for black-colored PSP, and if we want other colors we have to pay a little bit more. My husband wanted to buy it there, but I walked out from the shop because I felt that was a little bit expensive.

The third shop we stopped at quoted a little bit lower than the second shop, but the guy was very cocky. He thought that we didn’t know anything about PSP. I was quite pissed off with him and walked out from the store. I called my husband outside and I told hi that I don’t like the sales guy.

So we went back to the first shop. The sales guy offered RM680 for red colored PSP, which my little girl wanted. ‘This is better,” I told my husband. We bargained a little bit more, and we ended not only with Zara’s PSP, but with 2 new batteries for the boys, upgraded their PSPs’ software, bought the casing for them, and I also bought the external hard disk for me.

I was happy because this guy was very helpful. He practiced a good customer services, and I don’t mind spending my money. To the second shop, you need to improve your customer services else you will lose more customer.

My little girl was very happy. Now she had red bicycle and red PSP. I told her, if she didn’t go to school, I would give her bicycle and PSP to Khadijah, my grand-niece.

She promised that she will go to school, and to show how serious she is she hooked up her pinky finger to mine. Hehe....lets see whether she keeps to her promised.

Sekian. Salam.

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