Saturday, May 7, 2011

It was fun!

Oh! What a fun day I have today, but in the morning, it didn’t go well. A motorcyclist ran into my car, and he sped away knowing that it was his fault. I was shocked and didn’t check my car. I was more concerned about him, but the moment he sped off, I knew he was okay.

After that episode, the day went very well. I reached Bukit Kiara, 30 minutes before the event started. When I stepped into the function room, I smelled nasi lemak and the sambal sotong. Apalagi, Bismillah lah. It was good.

The communication session in the morning was good too. My big boss was in a relaxed mood today, and she cracked few jokes during her presentation. I never seen her like this before. Maybe, she has less pressure now as she will be leaving us soon. 

After the communication session, we took three hours break for lunch and Friday’s prayer. Lunch was great. We have Tom Yam Soup, Kerabu Mangga (Mango Salad), Fried Mee Siam, Thai Pineapple Fried Rice, local kuih and fruits. My new boss from UK loves it very much, but I didn’t really enjoy my lunch. I was stuck between my new and old bosses. Tell me if anyone of you can enjoy your lunch when you are stuck with your bosses.

Oh yea, while waiting for the afternoon session to start, we received our department t-shirt. The t-shirt color is dark blue and green colors. We wore that for our bowling session. There were eight teams, and my teams were team #8, and we were the only team that has five people in there. The rest of the team were made of 4 people only.

All teams played two games, and my team won a prize. A consolation prize for not being the best team or having most strikes, but as a champion from the bottom. Yup! My team has the lowest scores. What can I say when some of the team members never played before. By the way, I injured myself in the second game. I injured my thumb, my back and my leg, but I’m happy I won the consolation prize. 

The event ended at 6pm, and everybody took a break before dinner. The theme for the dinner was red or shade of red. Hmmm….I was lucky as my friend loaned me her red tudung. 

We also invited our friends who has left the company. At 7.30pm, the party started, and our big boss gave her short opening speech. It was then followed by our cute, youngest and freshest little brother singing “Perpisahan” for CFO.

The cute guy was our company MXS GOT TALENT champion. His voice was superb, and he sat at the same table with me. Ahhhh…we got to interviewed him. He just graduated from France and joined the company six months ago. He joined our department two weeks ago. Welcome Syafiq to ISD.

After Syafiq sing, dinner was served. I have no regret with my beef sirloin, but for those who chose chickens and fishes, both were not very nice. After dinner, it was a time for us to sing to CFO. I led the group, and we sang Without You and Let It Be.

After our song, that’s where the fun start. It was karaoke time. Almost everyone has to sing including the guest of honour. There were so many hidden talents in ISD. Ahhhh…maybe all this while, we were so busy with our works that we didn’t get to go out and enjoy ourselves. The party became alive when Faizad and CL sang “Fantasia Bulan Madu” and “Rozana”. Both were rock songs. 

The party ended when the CFO has to leave. We sang Auld Lang Syne to her as our final song. We sent her off at the lobby, and she drove away in her red Ferrari.



  1. Hehe.. driving away in her red ferrari. The ending kinda tickled me but very hard to explain without it butchering my actual intent.

    Will share with you in person if I get the chance.


  2. Must be interesting story. You are one busy lady now. Traveling all over the world. Must be better than before.