Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm Happy

I took a half day leave today to do some personal errands. Remember the offered that I received that required me to respond by 21st May,2010. So I went to the office and submitted my acceptance. Before that, I have to get ‘penghulu’ to certified my marriage certificate; otherwise, my hubby has to stay behind while I go on the trip.

The next step after this will be to go to the Immigration Office and renew my passport. I didn’t know that my passport had expired in June last year. But I’m not worried because nowadays, I can get it within a few hours. 

To renew my passport, I have to take another half day to go to Putrajaya. Maybe I would do it next week. If my husband training in Singapore is on, I might take the opportunity to go there too for holiday. 

Oh yea! Before I left office this afternoon, I had received a call from the dispatch boy. When I saw the number is from the receptionist, I know it was about my iPad2. He knew that I was waiting for the delivery, and when he called he asked, ”Where are you?”, and I said at my place. 

“Hah! You have to buy me one ‘nasi kukus’ if you want your iPad,” he said jokingly.
I replied, “For you, no problem.”

I can’t wait for him to deliver, so I went down and took the package myself. I was so happy, but I know someone who would not be happy when he found out about my latest gadget. For your information, I'm a gadget lover, and two things I don't mind spending my money on are gadgets and books. 

For the time being,I better hide my iPad from him.

Sekian. Salam.


  1. Huyoo iPad2 lagi tu... mahal dak? Ko nak pegi mana Zai? Offer apa ya?

  2. Qis, ipad2 murah lagi dari iPad. Nanti bila aku boleh beritahu, aku beritahu engko. Sabar yo!

  3. Zai, you can also renew your passport at the Immigration department at Pusat Bandar Damansara. They have a kiosk there too (your passport is the chip type right?). Can get in 2 hours if i'm not mistaken.