Thursday, May 12, 2011


Today I have to go to my little girl’s school. I’m not sure what really happened, but she seems to lost her interest in school. It used to be a battle with Zaki early this year to get him to school, and now, it is Zara’s turn.

She started behaving this way since last month, and I did call the teacher to find out what happened. She said Zara was okay at school, and mixed well with other students. She didn’t give any problem to teachers or other students.

She didn’t go to school on Thursday and Friday last week. She used me as her excused for not going to school. Last Friday, I have to leave early, and she was still sleeping when I left. When she didn’t go on Monday, I already see the trend, but she promised me that today she will go.

But when she didn’t want to go to school today, I was quite mad. She was trying to bargain with me saying that she will go to school tomorrow, but I can’t accept it. The midyear exam is coming, and she already lost quite a number of days.

Together with my husband, we took her to school. When we reached there, she didn’t want to get out from the car. I have to coax her out. The teacher was already waiting at the gate. She held to my hand tightly when we entered the gate. I spoke to the teacher to find out what happened, and when the teacher took her hand, she refused to let me go. She started to cry.

“I have to be strong,” I said to myself and pried myself out from her hold. I quickly went into the car while the teacher took her into the classroom. 

As I had my breakfast, I wondered what really caused her to behave like this. Is it because she was tired of school? Or the current school is less fun than her previous school, or she has a problem with other students there.

I really don’t know because every time I asked, she will come out with different stories. Let’s see how it goes tomorrow.

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