Monday, May 16, 2011

To all my Teachers.

It’s a Teacher’s Day today. Wishing all the teachers, especially to my former teachers and to my kids’ teacher, Happy Teacher’s Day. Thank you for the time you spent to teach us, entertained us and sometimes bored us to death. But no matter what we are grateful to you.

Since today is a Teacher’s Day, I have to something to say about my teachers throughout my school life. I can’t remembered much about my teachers when I was in Primary school, but there are two teachers that I owed them very much.

First teacher was my Bahasa Malaysia teacher, who basically encouraged me to write. She always used my karangan (essay) as an example to read in front of the class. Being someone who is introvert, I didn’t like it.

The second teacher was Mr. Jesus. He was my coach for the track and field. He coached me until I was 12 years old, and when I moved to Junior High School, he was still interested to coach me, but I declined. Under him, I represented my school and district in track and field. Maybe, if I continued to train under him, I might be running at the state level. Ahhh…That’s history.

When I was in Junior High School, I had few teachers that either I owed them or hated them. The first one was my history teacher when I was in Form 1. She came to the class, sat at her table, opened the book and said,” Okay, let’s read this chapter.” It continued until the bell rang. No explanation to the topics. She was also my English teacher, and one day she asked us to make sentences. Mazlan, who the bravest in the class, raised his hand and said, “My history teacher taught me how to read.” Everyone was stunned with his remark including Miss Rukumany. And from that day, she took the effort to explain about the topic.

The second teacher that I owe to was my Form 2 History’s teacher. He was a totally opposite of my form 1 teacher. He came in, and started talking about the topics and in between, he made jokes. We have to read before we go to his class; otherwise, we would not understand him. Because of him, I like history. He made it fun.

Another teacher was my Geography teacher because he was handsome, tall and young. All the girls have crushed on him. Oh! Not only he was good looking he was a good teacher too. I still like geography until today.

I also have a clashed with my English teacher when I was in Form 3. You may read it here to find out why. She was a good English teacher, and for almost a year, I was totally ignored by her. But I survived and scored my English in my exam.

When I was in Port Dickson High School, I have the worst physics teacher. He came in to the class, asked us to open the chapter we need to do the experiment and then left the class. No explanation and nothing. If he did explained, no one understand and dared to ask him. He was very fierce. The whole class suffered.

Lucky for me, I changed school in my final year of high school. I attended King George V in Seremban, and I got a better physics teacher. I have to thank her for my result. If I still attended PD High School in my final year, I might have flunked my physics.

In the new school, almost all my teachers were okay except for my English teacher. He’s teaching method was very funny. Instead of using the exercises book, he asked us to write on a small piece of paper and passed it to him. Except for writing essays or precise, we will be tearing our exercises book to write all the dialogues, the sentences or what ever he asked us to do.

Yup, there were so many good memories in school, and sometimes I shared it with my kids. Just to inspire them to do better in school. Finally, to all my teachers, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without you, I would not be what I am today.

Sekian. Salam.

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