Monday, May 9, 2011

I can't live without you...

I kind of felt lost today in the office because I missed my laptop. My laptop is in the repair center since last Thursday. I felt like I lost someone very close to me. Well, my laptop has most of my things. 

It was taken to repair center on Thursday, and I expected the tech support guy to resolve it latest by today. But I was disappointed when I didn’t receive any calls from them.  Since I desperately wanted my laptop back, I gave them a call. What a disappointment. They still didn't know how to decrypt my data. Arghhhhh.....

Luckily I have CL laptop with me. Otherwise, I will be twiddling my thumb, and that will definitely get someone upset.  I’m supposed to return CL’s laptop, but I hold it back because I need to copy some of his files into my laptop. Maybe, these data didn't want to live together, that's why my hard disk decided to go on strike. 

Even though I do have a temporary laptop, I find it is difficult to do my work because all my working files are in my laptop especially my mail. I have to use web mail instead of MS Office, and I can't archive my mail using web mail. My mail box is going to explode anytime and when that happens, my mail will be very quiet. Furthermore, I have thirteen years of archived mails  in that baby. That's a lot of mails in there.

Before I left for home, the tech support guy called me, and said he might need to bring in someone from outside to look into the problem. That’s going to cost some money. Will I pay for it?  Nope. Not from own pocket, but maybe I need to persuade my boss.

I really hope he agrees to pay, else I have to say goodbye to all my work, and I might end up crying. So baby, don't make me sad. Please make sure the data can be recovered. 

Not only I'm going to lose all my work related data, I am also going to lose my iphone backup, my songs collection, my ebooks and the most precious thing in there, my wip manuscripts will be gone. I don’t think I have the energy to start all over again.

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