Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My troubled Monday...

I had a bad day today. Nothing to do with Monday at all. The day started very well, but as it progressed throughout the day, it slowly becomes worse. It was okay in the morning except that I had a sore throat, and my sinus is getting worse. But as usual, I just ignore it until I really cannot stands it anymore. 

While on the way to work, I received a call from the receptionist. There was a guy waiting for me at the lobby reporting for work. Damn! I totally forgot about the temp clerk that is joining us today. I asked him to wait at the lobby until I reached office. Luckily, the traffic was very good, and I only need less than thirty minutes to reach KL Sentral.

When I opened up my mail, there was a reminder that I need to submit the finance report by 1st June. I thought I knew what to do, but when I can't find the information needed, I started to panic. I gave up searching for information, and have to resort to the hard way of getting the information. Bugged the project manager for the status, and gave them until tomorrow afternoon to revert. Nice job right?.

As the day progress, I started to develop headache. After lunch, I made a quick detour to see a doctor, and told her that I have a sore throat, sinus and headache. Well, she checked my throat but didn’t see anything unusual. I was surprised because I have problem to swallow. She gave me medicine for my cold and Strepsil for throat. Duh! I can get Strepsil on my own.

After calling it a day, I went to Mid Valley. As I left KL Sentral, I saw my petrol already on the last bar, and the low fuel indicator light was lighted. “Hmmm," I said knowing that I will be in trouble if there's a traffic jam.

I parked my car at Garden and walked my way to Mid Valley. Upon entering the Mid Valley, I saw there is a huge promotion on Pirate of the Carribean. There was a pirate ship in the middle of Mid Valley. I also managed to catch their performance for a while before I hit the games store. Everything was well at Mid Valley until I wanted to pay my parking ticket. 

My ticket cannot be read. It showed faulty. I tried at few other machines, but it was till the same. I have to find the payment counter, but when I went one floor up, the counter was closed. The cleaner showed me the ticket counter. Huh! I have to walk about 200 meters across the parking lot to reach the counter. When I told the cashier, she said, “No problem. It can read here.” I was skeptical. 

When I reached the exit, there were long queues of cars. There was no traffic jam on the road, but there was one on the parking lot. When I saw that I was worried because my petrol really was low.

When I reached the ticket machine, I slot in my ticket. True to my prediction, it showed the card was faulty. I tried few times, but it was still the same. The cars behind me started to move to the next lane when they saw my hazard light on. I called for help, and the lady said they would send someone.

I switched off my engine and waited for the guard. Suddenly, the car in the next lane were also having a problem with his ticket. Now both lane had a problem. Other drivers were getting impatient and started to honk. Heh! What can I do? 

When the security guy came, I don’t know what magic he did, but both machines were okay. I was happy that finally I can go, but was still worried about my petrol. I was praying hard so that my car would not stop in the middle of the road.

Alhamdulillah, I reached the Esso station and quickly pumped in the petrol. I was very happy because the traffic was very smooth. But I didn’t realize that I have been driving without my headlights on. Do you know when did I realized it? I only realized it when I entered the lane to my house. Damn! Luckily nothing happened.

When I switched off the car engine off, I thought my trouble was over. It was not. One of the memory card that I bought was faulty and cannot be read or formatted at all. Aduh! I have to go to Mid Valley again tomorrow to change the card.

No matter what happened today, I know tomorrow will be a better day. Hehe.. think positive here, and  I know that I’m going to nail the first report tomorrow afternoon.



  1. I hope you feel better today! Feeling good or crummy makes all the difference, I think.

  2. hope today will be better for u.. tp parking kad kat MV tu mmg slalu mcm tuh.. :S

  3. Jeffe, haha..Thank you but it doesn't look good, but the day is still early.

    Dikna, thank you. oh ya ka? Tak pernah kena pun.

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