Monday, May 23, 2011

Bad Monday!

What a day today! I have more bad things happened to me today than good things, and I hope it is not a precedence for this week.

It started early in the morning after my morning prayer. I was about to sit at my study table when the chair moved, and what else, bedebum la….. I fell, and I was lucky that my head didn’t hit the floor.

I was stunned and didn’t move for about five minutes. I felt shooting pain on my right leg also on my arm, but it didn’t last long. I got up and walked slowly down to the kitchen. I didn’t feel any pain then, but when I was caught in the massive jam, I felt slight pain in my back.

Oh ye, talking about the massive jam this morning it took me two and the half- hour to reach office. I could have reach Johor if I go down south.

The jam started from the Serdang R&R. It was all due to the closure of SMART Tunnel. It seems like SMART Tunnel has become very important to all who comes from South heading toward city center.

While caught in the jam, I was glad that I checked twitter on the alternative route to KL. Based on the update, I took Maju Expressway to KL. It just took me seven minutes to get into East West Link. No traffic jam there. Yeay! Thanks to twitter, else it will take me three hours to reach office.

Eventhough, I was stuck in the jam, I was happy because someone called last Friday to inform me that he is sending my laptop back today. I was expecting a call from them in the morning, but when they didn’t call me, I politely SMS their boss, and five minutes later, the support engineer called and said he will give me a loaner laptop.

“What happened to my laptop?” I asked because I don’t want any loaner laptop. In fact, while my laptop was in the repair center, I had Chee Leong’s laptop with me.

The guy can’t answer, and I insisted that I talked to the boss. He understood why I needed my laptop, and he promised me that I would get my laptop in the evening.

At 3pm, the tech support brought my laptop. Yup physically it was the same, but when I switched it on, everything changed. The disk was set to the standard configuration and software. I feel sad. My familiar setting was gone, and what in front of me was a brand new thing.

It took me until 7pm to install my iTunes and some of my files, but somehow something is still missing. Maybe, I used to scattered my files on the screen, whereas this one looks very empty. Hmmm…maybe tomorrow I will mess it up, and try to bring the missing piece back to my laptop.

Wish me luck. Salam.

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