Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hor Fun, Nasi Himpit, Chicken Rendang and Three Layered Coffee

I had a good lunch today. Where did I go for lunch? Not at a fancy restaurant, but at The Treats in KL Sentral. I like eating at The Treat. Sometimes I go there for breakfast too.

As usual, whenever I go there for lunch, I will order Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun Noodle, and my friend Yati will always order Prawn Noodle. When I got there today, MK was already waiting for me.

I just have a quick glance at the menu just to check that there is no new food. True enough, it is the same set of food they offered. When the girl came to our table, I told her, “Hor Fun and Three Layered Coffee.” 

MK ordered Nasi Himpit with Chicken Rendang and warm water. When the food arrived, hers looked so good compared to my Hor Fun. But somehow today, the Hor Fun was not as good as usual. Do they change the cook? I can’t say, but something was missing. No oomph even though I added cili padi to make it hot.

When I looked at MK enjoying her Chicken Rendang, I decided to order the same thing. When the Nasi Himpit arrived, the first thing that I tasted was the kuah kacang (peanut gravy). Hmmm…not as good as my cousin kuah kacang, but the chicken rendang was really good.

I enjoyed the chicken rendang. Tender, hot and spicy.  When I finished my food, I felt so full. Was there any consequences from the heavy lunch? Definitely! I was sleepy the whole afternoon. How much did it cost us? Not much compared to other places in KL Sentral.

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