Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lucky me!

I considered myself to be lucky today. On the way back home from work, I saw five rainbows. Each time, it was at a different place.

The first one that I saw was when I exited from KL Sentral heading towards Jalan Travers. At that time, the sun was very bright, and it almost blinded me. It seems rainbow likes to appear there. At one time, I saw twin rainbows.

The second rainbow that I saw was near Jalan Bangsar. Heh! I almost kiss someone’s car as I was busy looking at the rainbow. Luckily, I managed to brake on time. As I progress along the NPE, I saw another rainbow. This time, it was near the RTM.

When I saw the third rainbow, the sky on my right was very bright. I could see the blue sky and the white cloud, whereas the sky on my left was very dark. I could only see few white clouds. I was really admiring the sky. It was beautiful. Luckily there were not many cars on the road. 

As I approached the Pantai Dalam Tol, the sky turned into mixture of black, orange, gray and blue. It was pure magical. I never saw like this before except on TV or from pictures. And I saw another rainbow too.

I thought that was the last rainbow that I would see, but I was wrong. As I was near the Sg Besi Tol, I saw another rainbow. This time it was very clear because the sky was very dark.

As I passed the Sg Besi Tol, I wondered what does it mean when I got to see five rainbows in one evening. Does it mean I’m lucky? Maybe. Because it was magical.

Sekian. Salam.

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