Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Boss, Old Boss and A Song

Aaahhhh…. My new boss is in. Finally, after more than two years without a proper head guiding the team, he is finally in. Yeay! I heard few positive things about him already. Good looking, soft spoken, nice and bla..bla..bla… Well at least he made a positive impression but not sure how long he is going to be here. The last time they brought somebody in, the guy left after two days.

So now I have two bosses. It feels like having two husbands, where you have to entertain them, and get things done whenever they wanted. Since the new boss is still new, it is just like new husband where he has lots of new things to learn. So he only sat at his place, and read all documents and gauging the office environment. So far, he hasn’t asked anything from me yet, and I also avoided asking him anything.

Normally my old boss will speak in English to me, but today he spoke to me in Malay. Maybe he didn’t want the newcomer to know what we talked about since the new boss doesn’t understand our language. I found it funny, but it’s good for him. At least he will improve his Malay.

As I was busy printing the document for my new boss, my department secretary approached me and asked me whether I can find any good English song for the CFO farewell party.

Hmmm.. I have lots of English song but most of them are rock songs, country and blues, and oldies. It really makes me think what kind of music will be appropriate for the event.

I started searching and looking at my collection. Hah! I thought Boney M will be a good choice but then none of the songs suit the occasion. From Boney M, I went through Celien Dion’s song, and then to Black Eye Pea, but the one I like most is, I’ll be missing you by Puff Daddy. But the lyric doesn’t suit the whole occasion.

Hmm…I am still searching, and I need to get everything ready by tomorrow because the party will be on Friday night. I wonder whether we will butcher the song with only 3 days of practice. Let’s see the magic of ISD.

Sekian. Salam.

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