Thursday, April 24, 2014

Paroxysm of Reminisce

Ever heard of this song before? Paroxysm of Reminisce. Huh! Can’t pronounce it? Haha....garbled it up? Whatever it is, this is my latest go to song when I need something to pump me up. What? An old lady listening to this kind of song? Hey!… I’m might be old, but I always feel young at heart.

When I first heard this song, my first reaction was “WOW," and seriously I like this song since the first time I heard it. This song has been featured in my playlist since they released it few weeks back.

WellThis song is by a bunch of guys that some of them, I know them personally. They are my son’s friends and, in fact, my son has some touch to the song too. A little tiny little bit of melody in there. Huh! Frankly I don’t know whether he has any contribution to the song, but for the past one week, they have been to my house practicing/recording some songs. Hmm…By the way, these guys called themselves ASADBand or As Simple As Death Band. Scary name  kan???

What make me so into this song. Well, whenever I listened to this song it reminds me the time of me and my brother and my sister imitating ourselves to be rock stars. We used to listen to Deep Purple, Led Zepplin, Uriah Heep and many other bands that I kind of forgot them. It was a joy for us at that time when the three of us will sit at the living room and have the LP record on at night. At that time, there was no CD or MP3 or iPod. Just the old vinyl record. Me always pretend to be Lee Karslake, the drummer, my sister guitarist and singer with my brother the lead guitar. Huh… What a memory it was!

Two days ago, I posted this song on my FB and tagged my sister. My sister commented, ‘Nice… ala-ala Iron Maiden.’ (just like Iron Maiden). That is a compliment from a person who listened mainly to rock and heavy metals.

Does this song has anyone else listening to it in this house. You bet! My three other kids love this song too. The have this song in their youtube playlist too. Ibu doesn’t have to influence them to listen to this song. They will search for it themselves.

I hope ASADBand will continue to produce good songs. And meantime, why don’t you hit the play button and enjoy the song

Do you like it? And here is their first song, Your Rise, that they released it before Paroxysm of Reminisce.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Is it a special day?

Woke up with a pain in my back
And no water in the shower
Is it a bad day
To celebrate my birthday?

It was supposed to be
A special day to me
My body has a different thing to say.

With hot bottle on my back
and a book in hand
I celebrate my birthday
with nothing on my mind

After half a century
My joints becomes rusty
With creaking here and there
It say take care

I used to be
the star in the team
With so much energy
It is the envy of the team

But thirty years of working
And a neglect to my body
I become fat and lazy

It is no one fault
That I becomes this big
Can I dream
To be skinny again?

I bet you can.....

#Power of Attraction!....

p/s: This was meant for my other blog...