Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Favorite Hero

It's always amuse me when my sister told me her monkey's stories. Her apartment is one of the nicest place to live where it is cool and lot's of greens. The only set back is that,there's a monkey which like to torment my sister and her family.

This monkey like to stole foods from her kitchen. This little fella is a smart monkey and not any ordinary monkey. He knows how to open the window latch. He know how to open up the cabinet door and choose what food he wanted to take with him. He knows how to open the biscuit container. What a smart little fella.

There are times my sister or her husband caught him in the kitchen and this monkey will ensure that he will not leave the place empty handed. There were times, he will took with him towel paper, mop head or anything he grabs. Message is very clear.."Don't mess with me else I torment you forever!"

Even though he took foods from my sister house, he never hurt my nieces. He also operated alone. No other monkeys can be seen with him. Either he has been an outcast or he is the leader. Nobody knows!

Two days ago, my sister said she has not seen the monkey because the Gibbons are in the area. Maybe they are taking turns to stay in that area but I definitely going to miss my sister famous monkey stories. He is my favorite hero!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

What's Wrong With Me

I had Rosemary beef pie for lunch and coffee today but I was still sleepy. I thought that by skipping rice and having coffee will help me to get through the afternoon, but it was not. Not sure why I was so sleepy today but I have been yawning since morning. I felt everything moves very slow today.

When I saw maruku on my friend table, I happily took a piece. This is one of my favorite
maruku but the moment I bite it, it felt like I'm biting into a piece of brick. It was so damn hard.

I thought I'm the only one having problem eating the maruku but my other colleagues also find it hard. So we sit around my place and everyone busy chewing the maruku and start commenting and analyzing what was wrong with it. My friend who bought the maruku said the one that she tasted at the stall was soft and nice.

I wish that instead of discussing the maruku, I can discuss my current WIP that has not moved for the past two weeks. I kind of lost my creativity and motivation since my parents are diagnosed with cancer and my brain has becomes slow.

I'm not sure when I can get out from this situation but I hope that it will not be too long.
Meanwhile, I need my sleep and also please pray for my parents.

Monday, October 25, 2010

That's One Hot Stuff!

It' was four o'clock so normally it was our unofficial tea time. Time to take a break while enjoying coffee or tea. Normally one of the staff will have something on the table, it can be maruku, cookies, crackers or anything that can be munch.

I was kind of hungry today since I only have pie and minestrone soup. I was looking for what to eat when I saw kuih bangkit (cookies) and green peas on my ex-colleague table. I just grabbed it and took the whole thing back to my place and happily passed the green peas to my colleague.

"This thing is hot. Coated with Wasabi."

"Really?" I asked him. "Let me try."

"Are you sure?" he asked as he knows that I don't take hot stuff.

"Why not?"

He passed me the container and I took few out and dumped it in my mouth. I was shocked. My tongue felt like it was on fire and I spit it out and rushed to pantry to grab water. My colleague was laughing at me.

I guess it was foolish of me to try the Wasabi coated Green Pea knowingly that I was warned. Actually, I don't really like hot dishes. If people served me hot dished, I will eat it moderately. Dishes cooked with chili might not be my favorite but I love chicken curry. Give me curry anytime and I will enjoy my food. Put sambal in front of me, I will avoid it.

So what about you? You like hot dishes? What kind of food will you avoid? Share with me.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Facebook, Twitter and Smartphone Equals to Naked

Today everything was perfect for me. Traffic was clear. No jam today. I guess they heard me complaining about them yesterday so they make sure the road is clear for me. The weather was also good. It was cooler in the morning and also the sun was not hot either.

I had a good breakfast at home and when I reached office, the email in my inbox was kind of unusually low and I cleared it by 10.30am. And at 11am, I attended a talk on Security and Facebook. Wow! That guy made me scared and naked. I clearly remembered his word that "Facebook/Twitter + Smartphone = Naked" and that what I have. I have Facebook and Twitter installed on my iPhone and I always tweets from my iPhone.

The guy also revealed how most of what we shared on the Facebook and twitter are being read by the whole world. There is no more privacy and you are basically bare naked to the eye of the world. There are people who will sniffed all your data and then sell it off to this marketing company. Then you wonder where do you get all those junk mail.

After listening to the talk, it make me realized that some of the tweet has Geo Location tagged to it. Just imagine all your movement will be shown and if people wanted to kidnapped you, that's it they know where you are. Nauzubillah!

The talk were getting very interesting but I have to leave halfway caused I have farewell lunch to attend in KLCC. But the most important thing that I picked up from the talk is be careful in sharing you updates cause some offensive updates can haunt you back. Chao...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cycle Of Life

I'm already accepting it. Now is the time to move forward to prepare for the day that I have to say goodbye. I guess this is the cycle of life. The old saying goodbye and the newborn saying hello.

Well, every day is precious to us. Every single minute we are trying to be with Abah but sometimes we can't because of work commitment or family commitment. But he is never far from our thoughts. He knows that we love him. We are trying to make him as comfortable as much as possible.

In this tough time, I have to thank Allah for giving me the strength to go through this. I know I have been praying every day, five times a day seeking Allah to ease Abah's pain. Now I have to step it up further. I need to do Sembahyang Hajat. I will sacrifice my sleep to do this special prayer, read Quran and Yassin. I'm not asking him to be like before because Allah promises everyone will face this. It stated in Quran and nobody can escape death. What I want is that he does not suffer or in pain until his last breath.

If you look at his face, he doesn't look like he is suffering from cancer. In fact, he looks much younger than his age. Healthy. Happy. That's how I to remember him as healthy and happy Abah.

Monday, October 18, 2010

We are together and proud of it!

Yesterday, I went to visit Abah in Putrajaya Hospital alone. He was admitted to hospital on Friday after he complaint of breathing problem. On Saturday, I brought my kids to see him. Well my youngest two don't know much what's happening except they know he is sick and with big tummy.

But I can see my eldest son was really affected to see his Atuk lying on the bed and no able to move much. He was very quite on the way back and in fact until Sunday he was still thinking about his Atuk.

On Sunday, it was decided earlier that we (the 7 of us) need to meet and discuss about our parents condition. No spouse or children in the meeting. So basically it only us with abah and mak.

Well I reached there at 4pm and bumped into my sister,Zura with her kid. Arda, my youngest sister and Ami, another sister of mine, were already there. Well abah was very happy to see us and when my abang Zahir came in later at 4.15pm, I can see how delighted he was. He cracked jokes and we laughed even though deep down we know we are losing him.

When Along, my eldest in the family, and Bang Ngah, oldest boy in the family, came in, he was surprised to see all of us without kids and spouse. We hanged around for a while and slowly slipped out of the room to discuss on their predicament.

I'm so proud that we really come together and united as a family. Bang Ngah as the oldest boy in the family lead the meeting. We discussed on where my parents going to stay, how we going to support them, who going to take care of their house, car, my mom flowers and also on the financial side. We also agreed to take turns to be with them so that they won't feel neglected and lonely. The most painful things was when we discussed life after abah, who gonna take care of mak and so on.

During the meeting, I can see that Bang Zahir was shocked to hear abah's condition. Maybe he didn't know that abah is at advanced stage and terminal. He was very quiet throughout he meeting. You can see the emotion running in the meeting. One minute we cried another minute we laughed just to ease the tension and stress. I can say all of us cried in the meeting including my brothers. Well it shows how deep is our love towards them and one thing that Bang Ngah kept on reminding us in the meeting, "DO NOT HURT THEM AT ALL. JUST FOLLOW WHATEVER THEY WANT." and yes that what I'm going to do.To make sure they are happy and comfortable.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

I love my Sunday. Do I?

Well I always look forward for my weekend. After a long week in the office, I always look forward for Saturday and Sunday to wind down but since beginning of October, I don't have the luxury to sleep in late on Sunday anymore. On Sunday, I have become like other parents who are busy driving the kids from one class to another. Let see how my Sunday looks like.

6.30am. Up for my morning prayer but I will sleep again until 7.30am. Hubby will already be at the wet market will give me a wakeup call.

7.45am. Fresh from shower, will grab my phone and book to go downstair and to boil water only. Hubby will buy breakfast and bring it back with him. Oh! Since second son has his football practice at 8am, I have to make sure he eats his cereal or bread for breakfast. While waiting for the water and my son, I will check twitter first. I think I'm addicted to twitter. Let me say it again here "I am addicted to twitter". I guess some of you are also twitter addict.

7.55am. Send my second son to his football practice which is 5 mins away from home. Hubby will be home from market with breakfast so I only have to make Milo, tea or coffee. Depending on what they want. Easy life for me when it comes to breakfast.

8.30am. Get my little girl ready for her piano class. Normally there will be battle to get her ready to class as she is kind of playful girl. There will be lot of laughters and shrieking and shouting. Stress level up a little bit. This is also our favorite time together. Mother-daughter time.

9.10am. Off we go to Cadenza Music Academy in Bangi for her 9.30am session. Will wait for her since class is only 30mins. My iphone and novel will become handy during this time. Tweeting and reading to kill the time.

9.45am. Remind hubby to fetch second son from his football practice otherwise the poor boy will be waiting until I come and fetch him at 10.25am.

10.25am. Reach home. Need to get the other two boys ready for their music classes. Second son needs to get showered and it is another rush. Zaki will be searching for his drum stick and Amir will be rushing to get his things ready. Not sure they have practice or not for the session. Let them face the music...

10.40 Off me go driving these two boys. Zaki is more playful than Amir and he will disturb Amir whenever he has the chance. I just let them do whatever they want as long as no crying. But there are times that they got physical and one of them will cry. Stress level will definitely up when I have the boys in the car. I also bering bring my laptop with me as Zaki's class is at 11am whereas Amir is at 12am. So that a long waiting time for me.

12.40pm Will be driving home and by the time we get home it's lunch time. Heh! You see I don't cook lunch either on Sunday. Hubby will be kind enough to buy lunch.

1pm. Hubby home with lunch. So lunch time!!!

2pm. Afternoon prayer time and it also means my nap time. Will be lucky if I can have my peaceful nap coz Zara and Zaki will definitely try to enter the room no matter how I lock the door. Whenever I'm home, they will follow me. Cannot be out of their sight. I guess it payback time as Monday to Friday, I'm kind of busy with work. My nap time normally between 30mins - 1 hour.

4.30pm. Tea time. Hubby or eldest son will buy kuih from the nearby stalls. Normally it will be fried banana, curry puff. Again depend on what is the request, I will get the drinks ready for them.

5.30pm. Evening prayer and time for me to check my mail or facebook or twitter. In other words, computer time. Sometimes this is the time we will go out with the kids to do shopping and will be back by 8pm.

7.30pm. Maghrib prayer and also dinner time. Normally we will eat out as the kids have been eating home cooked food from Monday to Friday.

9pm. Will be a headmistress. Going through kids homework and also their revision. At the same time my computer time.

10pm. Kids bed time and also time for me to read or do things I have wanted to do. After the night prayer, I will normally ready for about an hour before saying good night.

My life is kind of boring right. No fun activities there and if you see no exercises too. Normally I will do in the morning but since I have to rush here and there, I have to reschedule my exercise time. Haven't really decides the best time for my exercises.

Okay..since this is a boring topic, I better go first..Chao! and see you soon.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Day I Felt Numbed

I was happily drafting the letter and cross checking the contract and the issues when I received the following message from my sister "Mak test result positive cancer". I was stunned and slumped into my chair. I closed my eyes and covered my face with my hand with images of my shrinking mom and my dad's bloated tummy playing around me. I'm a tough lady and seldom cry but I cried when I saw the message.

Gosh! It so hard to receive this second news. When my dad was diagnosed with liver cancer few weeks back, I was still able to take it.I know he will not live longer as his cancer is at advanced stage. I'm preparing myself to face the day I will lose him forever. We are already made plans how to make my father comfortable and who and when to visit him and cheer him up.

But when the second news came, it totally made me numbed. I feel helpless as I don't know what to do anymore. Having one is bad enough but having both parents down with cancer at the same time is really testing me. I really need to be strong to go through this challenging time.

Ya Allah! Give me the strength to go through this challenging time. Amin!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

What an Experience!!!

Have you ever experience something that really scared you? I have. Last Thursday, when I went to see my Orthopedic surgeon for my back pain, he asked me to do MRI to confirm that I have slipped disc and the appointment was set at 3pm on the same day for me.

So at 2pm, I went to the X-ray room with my son and I was called in immediately by the technician. She told me to take off everything and change to the hospital gown. I looked at the gowns and told her that the gowns are too small for me.

Since there is no gown that can fit me, so she allowed me to wear my blouse and wrapped my
self with bed sheet. Hah! I should bring my own sarong instead of using the bed sheet. The technician then took me to the MRI room and asked me to take off my glasses and lie down on the machine.

Without knowing what to expect, I happily do as asked. Then the technician gave me a headset. When I looked puzzled, she told me that it is very noisy and the music will help me to overcome the noise.When she say that I was ready, she switched on the button that slowly pushed me in the machine.

When I reached the mouth of the monster, I became panic because I feel claustrophobic. I closed my eyes, held my breath and I read whatever verses that I can remembered. When it stopped, I slowly open my eyes and when I saw the light on the ceiling, I took a deep breathe. But the torture doesn't stop there.

The loud noise stated and for the next 30 minutes, I was tortured with loud noise and also was sliding in and out of the machine. When the 30minutes was up and they slide me out from the machine, I was glad that I survived the ordeal.

This is one experience that I would not like to go through again. What about you? Do you have any experience that you don't want to have it again? Share with me.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Between Speed Demon, Road Hogger and The Kiasu

As I was driving to work on Tuesday morning, I saw a fatal accident where the motorcyclist was knocked down either by a car or lorry. It is not a good sign to start a day and I wonder how the family of the deceased take the news of his death.

Whenever I saw an accident, it will sober me for a while. I will drive slowly , according to the speed limit but normally, I'm one of the people who will change whenever I sit behind the car steering. I will transform to Speed Demon and my office colleagues can vouch for that.

Even though I drive very fast, I am always careful. I know when to speed and when to slow down. I always ensure that I will not endangered other people lives . But there are others who don't really care about other people lives and safety. Let's see who they are.
  • The mat rempits who think that they own the road. They will not care about their safety or others. They only want the thrill of winning the race and to show their skills by racing on the road. They were time when I came back late from work, I will see them racing down the highway. I will slow down whenever I see them because they will just zoom past you without care.
  • Besides mat rempit, I also don't like those motorcyclists who ride in the middle of the fast lane or those motorcyclists who cut right in-front of my car. I don't mind if they are fast but when they are slow and in the fast lane, it can be very dangerous. There were several time, I have to do emergency brake to avoid knocking them.
  • Road hogger is another one that I don't like especially when I'm late to work and driving at 120kph. This road hogger don't care there are long queue behind him. They just cruise in the fast lane at 50kph. Normally when I passed them, I will give them the look. Some of them will get it and move to the middle lane but some just continue to drive as if the whole world can wait for him.
  • Lorry and backhoe are another two vehicles that I don't like to see on the road especially during peak hour but I can't stop them. They also pay road tax to use the road. But at least,please ban them during the peak hour on all road. Currently these heavy vehicles are only ban from entering the city center during the peak hour but they can still use trunk road or highway that leading to city center.
  • Lorry that carry pebbles or stones, especially those old lorries. They are slow and dangerous. Why dangerous? Because, if you unlucky, you will get the flying stone hitting your windscreen and you can say bye-bye to your hard earned money. So far, I considered myself lucky as I have not been hit by these pebbles.
  • Speeding buses. I hate to see those bus drivers speeding along the highway without thinking of the passengers' safety. Just because they are big, they thought that they can rule the road. Wrong! They should travel either in the left lane or the middle lane but not on the fast lane. There are times that I saw them zooming down the fast lane at 120kph whereas their speed limit is only at 90kph.
  • Queue jumping. Oh! I really, really, really hate this type of driver. They don't care that you have been stuck for hours in the jam. They will get into the emergency lane and then cut right in-front of you. They are the kiasu driver and one of the major contributor of the traffic jam.
I guess if we have some discipline and follow the traffic rules, we will have less jam and less accidents. Do you agree with me? I hope so and if you are the speed demon, road hogger, mat rempit, or the kiasu, are you willing to change? For me, I guess I can do it for safer road. What about you?