Monday, October 11, 2010

What an Experience!!!

Have you ever experience something that really scared you? I have. Last Thursday, when I went to see my Orthopedic surgeon for my back pain, he asked me to do MRI to confirm that I have slipped disc and the appointment was set at 3pm on the same day for me.

So at 2pm, I went to the X-ray room with my son and I was called in immediately by the technician. She told me to take off everything and change to the hospital gown. I looked at the gowns and told her that the gowns are too small for me.

Since there is no gown that can fit me, so she allowed me to wear my blouse and wrapped my
self with bed sheet. Hah! I should bring my own sarong instead of using the bed sheet. The technician then took me to the MRI room and asked me to take off my glasses and lie down on the machine.

Without knowing what to expect, I happily do as asked. Then the technician gave me a headset. When I looked puzzled, she told me that it is very noisy and the music will help me to overcome the noise.When she say that I was ready, she switched on the button that slowly pushed me in the machine.

When I reached the mouth of the monster, I became panic because I feel claustrophobic. I closed my eyes, held my breath and I read whatever verses that I can remembered. When it stopped, I slowly open my eyes and when I saw the light on the ceiling, I took a deep breathe. But the torture doesn't stop there.

The loud noise stated and for the next 30 minutes, I was tortured with loud noise and also was sliding in and out of the machine. When the 30minutes was up and they slide me out from the machine, I was glad that I survived the ordeal.

This is one experience that I would not like to go through again. What about you? Do you have any experience that you don't want to have it again? Share with me.

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