Monday, October 18, 2010

We are together and proud of it!

Yesterday, I went to visit Abah in Putrajaya Hospital alone. He was admitted to hospital on Friday after he complaint of breathing problem. On Saturday, I brought my kids to see him. Well my youngest two don't know much what's happening except they know he is sick and with big tummy.

But I can see my eldest son was really affected to see his Atuk lying on the bed and no able to move much. He was very quite on the way back and in fact until Sunday he was still thinking about his Atuk.

On Sunday, it was decided earlier that we (the 7 of us) need to meet and discuss about our parents condition. No spouse or children in the meeting. So basically it only us with abah and mak.

Well I reached there at 4pm and bumped into my sister,Zura with her kid. Arda, my youngest sister and Ami, another sister of mine, were already there. Well abah was very happy to see us and when my abang Zahir came in later at 4.15pm, I can see how delighted he was. He cracked jokes and we laughed even though deep down we know we are losing him.

When Along, my eldest in the family, and Bang Ngah, oldest boy in the family, came in, he was surprised to see all of us without kids and spouse. We hanged around for a while and slowly slipped out of the room to discuss on their predicament.

I'm so proud that we really come together and united as a family. Bang Ngah as the oldest boy in the family lead the meeting. We discussed on where my parents going to stay, how we going to support them, who going to take care of their house, car, my mom flowers and also on the financial side. We also agreed to take turns to be with them so that they won't feel neglected and lonely. The most painful things was when we discussed life after abah, who gonna take care of mak and so on.

During the meeting, I can see that Bang Zahir was shocked to hear abah's condition. Maybe he didn't know that abah is at advanced stage and terminal. He was very quiet throughout he meeting. You can see the emotion running in the meeting. One minute we cried another minute we laughed just to ease the tension and stress. I can say all of us cried in the meeting including my brothers. Well it shows how deep is our love towards them and one thing that Bang Ngah kept on reminding us in the meeting, "DO NOT HURT THEM AT ALL. JUST FOLLOW WHATEVER THEY WANT." and yes that what I'm going to do.To make sure they are happy and comfortable.


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  1. Zai, I can still remember clearly the day mom was admitted Hospital Serdang for the last time. There was this family room inside the emergency unit. My sisters from Perak came too. While waiting for the doctor's diagnosis we cried and laughed(at the pranks when we were younger) and when finally when the doctor asked us to make a decision as to whether they should revived my mom if she get another heart attack, we had to listen to a professional opinion (my niece is also a doctor). She advised us to decide not to harm my mom further should we choose to let the doctor resuscitate her because of her age(she's 80 and also her weak condition - she used to fight her way thru many a times before but not then...and she was taken on the 14th of January 2010)