Monday, October 25, 2010

That's One Hot Stuff!

It' was four o'clock so normally it was our unofficial tea time. Time to take a break while enjoying coffee or tea. Normally one of the staff will have something on the table, it can be maruku, cookies, crackers or anything that can be munch.

I was kind of hungry today since I only have pie and minestrone soup. I was looking for what to eat when I saw kuih bangkit (cookies) and green peas on my ex-colleague table. I just grabbed it and took the whole thing back to my place and happily passed the green peas to my colleague.

"This thing is hot. Coated with Wasabi."

"Really?" I asked him. "Let me try."

"Are you sure?" he asked as he knows that I don't take hot stuff.

"Why not?"

He passed me the container and I took few out and dumped it in my mouth. I was shocked. My tongue felt like it was on fire and I spit it out and rushed to pantry to grab water. My colleague was laughing at me.

I guess it was foolish of me to try the Wasabi coated Green Pea knowingly that I was warned. Actually, I don't really like hot dishes. If people served me hot dished, I will eat it moderately. Dishes cooked with chili might not be my favorite but I love chicken curry. Give me curry anytime and I will enjoy my food. Put sambal in front of me, I will avoid it.

So what about you? You like hot dishes? What kind of food will you avoid? Share with me.


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  2. Apo ni oghang nogoghi tak suko samba? Buek malo waghih yo! **speaking as someone who's been married to one for over 21 yrs** ---> prev comment tak masuik yg dlm asterisk tu; don't know why

  3. Qis, aku dari kecik memang tak makan pedas.