Sunday, October 17, 2010

I love my Sunday. Do I?

Well I always look forward for my weekend. After a long week in the office, I always look forward for Saturday and Sunday to wind down but since beginning of October, I don't have the luxury to sleep in late on Sunday anymore. On Sunday, I have become like other parents who are busy driving the kids from one class to another. Let see how my Sunday looks like.

6.30am. Up for my morning prayer but I will sleep again until 7.30am. Hubby will already be at the wet market will give me a wakeup call.

7.45am. Fresh from shower, will grab my phone and book to go downstair and to boil water only. Hubby will buy breakfast and bring it back with him. Oh! Since second son has his football practice at 8am, I have to make sure he eats his cereal or bread for breakfast. While waiting for the water and my son, I will check twitter first. I think I'm addicted to twitter. Let me say it again here "I am addicted to twitter". I guess some of you are also twitter addict.

7.55am. Send my second son to his football practice which is 5 mins away from home. Hubby will be home from market with breakfast so I only have to make Milo, tea or coffee. Depending on what they want. Easy life for me when it comes to breakfast.

8.30am. Get my little girl ready for her piano class. Normally there will be battle to get her ready to class as she is kind of playful girl. There will be lot of laughters and shrieking and shouting. Stress level up a little bit. This is also our favorite time together. Mother-daughter time.

9.10am. Off we go to Cadenza Music Academy in Bangi for her 9.30am session. Will wait for her since class is only 30mins. My iphone and novel will become handy during this time. Tweeting and reading to kill the time.

9.45am. Remind hubby to fetch second son from his football practice otherwise the poor boy will be waiting until I come and fetch him at 10.25am.

10.25am. Reach home. Need to get the other two boys ready for their music classes. Second son needs to get showered and it is another rush. Zaki will be searching for his drum stick and Amir will be rushing to get his things ready. Not sure they have practice or not for the session. Let them face the music...

10.40 Off me go driving these two boys. Zaki is more playful than Amir and he will disturb Amir whenever he has the chance. I just let them do whatever they want as long as no crying. But there are times that they got physical and one of them will cry. Stress level will definitely up when I have the boys in the car. I also bering bring my laptop with me as Zaki's class is at 11am whereas Amir is at 12am. So that a long waiting time for me.

12.40pm Will be driving home and by the time we get home it's lunch time. Heh! You see I don't cook lunch either on Sunday. Hubby will be kind enough to buy lunch.

1pm. Hubby home with lunch. So lunch time!!!

2pm. Afternoon prayer time and it also means my nap time. Will be lucky if I can have my peaceful nap coz Zara and Zaki will definitely try to enter the room no matter how I lock the door. Whenever I'm home, they will follow me. Cannot be out of their sight. I guess it payback time as Monday to Friday, I'm kind of busy with work. My nap time normally between 30mins - 1 hour.

4.30pm. Tea time. Hubby or eldest son will buy kuih from the nearby stalls. Normally it will be fried banana, curry puff. Again depend on what is the request, I will get the drinks ready for them.

5.30pm. Evening prayer and time for me to check my mail or facebook or twitter. In other words, computer time. Sometimes this is the time we will go out with the kids to do shopping and will be back by 8pm.

7.30pm. Maghrib prayer and also dinner time. Normally we will eat out as the kids have been eating home cooked food from Monday to Friday.

9pm. Will be a headmistress. Going through kids homework and also their revision. At the same time my computer time.

10pm. Kids bed time and also time for me to read or do things I have wanted to do. After the night prayer, I will normally ready for about an hour before saying good night.

My life is kind of boring right. No fun activities there and if you see no exercises too. Normally I will do in the morning but since I have to rush here and there, I have to reschedule my exercise time. Haven't really decides the best time for my exercises.

Okay..since this is a boring topic, I better go first..Chao! and see you soon.

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