Thursday, October 21, 2010

Facebook, Twitter and Smartphone Equals to Naked

Today everything was perfect for me. Traffic was clear. No jam today. I guess they heard me complaining about them yesterday so they make sure the road is clear for me. The weather was also good. It was cooler in the morning and also the sun was not hot either.

I had a good breakfast at home and when I reached office, the email in my inbox was kind of unusually low and I cleared it by 10.30am. And at 11am, I attended a talk on Security and Facebook. Wow! That guy made me scared and naked. I clearly remembered his word that "Facebook/Twitter + Smartphone = Naked" and that what I have. I have Facebook and Twitter installed on my iPhone and I always tweets from my iPhone.

The guy also revealed how most of what we shared on the Facebook and twitter are being read by the whole world. There is no more privacy and you are basically bare naked to the eye of the world. There are people who will sniffed all your data and then sell it off to this marketing company. Then you wonder where do you get all those junk mail.

After listening to the talk, it make me realized that some of the tweet has Geo Location tagged to it. Just imagine all your movement will be shown and if people wanted to kidnapped you, that's it they know where you are. Nauzubillah!

The talk were getting very interesting but I have to leave halfway caused I have farewell lunch to attend in KLCC. But the most important thing that I picked up from the talk is be careful in sharing you updates cause some offensive updates can haunt you back. Chao...

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