Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cycle Of Life

I'm already accepting it. Now is the time to move forward to prepare for the day that I have to say goodbye. I guess this is the cycle of life. The old saying goodbye and the newborn saying hello.

Well, every day is precious to us. Every single minute we are trying to be with Abah but sometimes we can't because of work commitment or family commitment. But he is never far from our thoughts. He knows that we love him. We are trying to make him as comfortable as much as possible.

In this tough time, I have to thank Allah for giving me the strength to go through this. I know I have been praying every day, five times a day seeking Allah to ease Abah's pain. Now I have to step it up further. I need to do Sembahyang Hajat. I will sacrifice my sleep to do this special prayer, read Quran and Yassin. I'm not asking him to be like before because Allah promises everyone will face this. It stated in Quran and nobody can escape death. What I want is that he does not suffer or in pain until his last breath.

If you look at his face, he doesn't look like he is suffering from cancer. In fact, he looks much younger than his age. Healthy. Happy. That's how I to remember him as healthy and happy Abah.


  1. Zai, apa ni pray 5 times a week?? Check balik kat ateh tu... he he he... sorry buat lawak have to cheer up sometimes

  2. Qis,you should know my mental state. Serabuk. Thanks for highlighting it.