Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Between Speed Demon, Road Hogger and The Kiasu

As I was driving to work on Tuesday morning, I saw a fatal accident where the motorcyclist was knocked down either by a car or lorry. It is not a good sign to start a day and I wonder how the family of the deceased take the news of his death.

Whenever I saw an accident, it will sober me for a while. I will drive slowly , according to the speed limit but normally, I'm one of the people who will change whenever I sit behind the car steering. I will transform to Speed Demon and my office colleagues can vouch for that.

Even though I drive very fast, I am always careful. I know when to speed and when to slow down. I always ensure that I will not endangered other people lives . But there are others who don't really care about other people lives and safety. Let's see who they are.
  • The mat rempits who think that they own the road. They will not care about their safety or others. They only want the thrill of winning the race and to show their skills by racing on the road. They were time when I came back late from work, I will see them racing down the highway. I will slow down whenever I see them because they will just zoom past you without care.
  • Besides mat rempit, I also don't like those motorcyclists who ride in the middle of the fast lane or those motorcyclists who cut right in-front of my car. I don't mind if they are fast but when they are slow and in the fast lane, it can be very dangerous. There were several time, I have to do emergency brake to avoid knocking them.
  • Road hogger is another one that I don't like especially when I'm late to work and driving at 120kph. This road hogger don't care there are long queue behind him. They just cruise in the fast lane at 50kph. Normally when I passed them, I will give them the look. Some of them will get it and move to the middle lane but some just continue to drive as if the whole world can wait for him.
  • Lorry and backhoe are another two vehicles that I don't like to see on the road especially during peak hour but I can't stop them. They also pay road tax to use the road. But at least,please ban them during the peak hour on all road. Currently these heavy vehicles are only ban from entering the city center during the peak hour but they can still use trunk road or highway that leading to city center.
  • Lorry that carry pebbles or stones, especially those old lorries. They are slow and dangerous. Why dangerous? Because, if you unlucky, you will get the flying stone hitting your windscreen and you can say bye-bye to your hard earned money. So far, I considered myself lucky as I have not been hit by these pebbles.
  • Speeding buses. I hate to see those bus drivers speeding along the highway without thinking of the passengers' safety. Just because they are big, they thought that they can rule the road. Wrong! They should travel either in the left lane or the middle lane but not on the fast lane. There are times that I saw them zooming down the fast lane at 120kph whereas their speed limit is only at 90kph.
  • Queue jumping. Oh! I really, really, really hate this type of driver. They don't care that you have been stuck for hours in the jam. They will get into the emergency lane and then cut right in-front of you. They are the kiasu driver and one of the major contributor of the traffic jam.
I guess if we have some discipline and follow the traffic rules, we will have less jam and less accidents. Do you agree with me? I hope so and if you are the speed demon, road hogger, mat rempit, or the kiasu, are you willing to change? For me, I guess I can do it for safer road. What about you?

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