Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My journey throughout the decades....

Soon, don't know when, I'll be hitting half-the-century milestone. So today I decided to share with you what I have gone through in the past 40 years. Here, let me take you through the journey....

40 years ago: I was in standard 2. Happily walking to school, playing with my friend, catching fighter fishes from the nearby stream, playing in the rubber tree plantation. Life was so good. No pressure from my parents to outperform my classmate. Live is so much easier and fun back then even though we don't have TV to keep us entertained at night. My great-grandma was the source of our nightly entertainment where she shared with us all the Nenek Kebayan stories, Batu Belah and many more and oh yeah! that lady can sing.

30 years ago: I joined the rank of college students. Leaving the safe and secure environment of my parents home and to live in the unknown environment, sharing a room with 7 others girls who became my sisters during our stayed in college. I went through major transformation from a happily go lucky girl, rugged, mischievous into hmmm.. did I changed? Not really. It is still the same old Zai but what changed was that I covered my hair and perhaps less mischievous.

20 years ago: I joined the rank of professional workers. Worked and trained by one of the best IT company in the world, bought my first car, met my dear hubby and got hitched a one and half year later. The rest is history. Still the same old Zai.

10 years ago: We moved to our new home, gave birth to my second son, bought my third car, move progressively in my career with my current company and rediscover my passion for reading again and my oldest son was in pre-school. Did Zai changed? No Still the same Happy Go Lucky Zai with two kids.

Today: Still loyal with my current employer, has four lovely kids, moving to my new house soon, has cyber friends and enjoying my life to the fullest. I dabble into photography and some other things that I want to do and looking forward to the day I can retire. Any changes to Zai? Yes, she looks older but still a happy go-lucky girl (but my friends said I didn't look like my age, I looked much younger. Sshhh! If you know my age don't tell them).

When I hit half-a-century milestones, may be I'll do this again but for now I gotta go before I revealed more things here...Happy reading!


  1. And 20 yrs ago I was her roommate... Do you still remember PERINDU? We escorted Pak Nik to inspect the dorms when we complained about safety, cleanliness etc

  2. Yes. That was the year, the guys stayed at Seroja and the girls stayed at PERINDU. The guys complained about the mattresses.