Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Maid Oh Maid...

After 3 years without maid, finally after months and months of waiting, my maid is here. The months of waiting is worth it as my maid is super efficient except;
  • She is almost same age as me (in other words old)
  • She understand arabics and little bit english and not Malay (I have to show and explain the words everytime she looks blank)

Because of the language problem, there tends to be some misunderstanding between us and her. There are times we asked for something, she will gave asked some other things. Sometimes it can be hilarious and some other time is can be very frustrating but overtime, she will overcome the language barrier.

When she first came, two weeks ago, she called me Makcik and my hubby Pakcik. At first, I let her get away with it until one day, I can't take it anymore, coz for someone her age to call me Makcik is very rude. I told her to call me "Kakak" or "Ibu"and my hubby "Bapak". She said her agent asked her to call us Makcik and Pakcik. I guess the agent must be someone who doesn't understand our culture.

Talking about the agent, I would have to say, we learnt our lesson well. We have met few agents, paid the advanced money as they requested and then dissapeared with no maid delivered. But this particular maid, she came in without agent but when she landed here, she met this lady who claimed that she can get a job for her. So what this lady did was she sold this poor maid to us for RM4000 whereas she didn't incur any $$$ at all. She made clean profit from the sale of this maid.

I was disgusted when I came to know about this few days ago (my maid told me how her money was swindled by this lady). Alas, it a lesson learned for my maid not to simply approach people for work. She was lucky that this lady didn't sold her to prostitute ring.

For me, I have to thank Allah for sending me a super efficient maid who my kids like her very much.

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