Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Clothes and Eid Mubarak

Today is 15th Ramadhan. It means that we have fasted for 15 days and another 15 days to go before Eid Mubarak. As usual, I will always do my shopping last minutes and most of the time, I would not get what I want.

Last Sunday, I went to Kamdar to buy clothes for my baju kurung. This year I decided to buy extra because I don't have any new baju kurung that I can wear to office. So for 4 pairs of baju kurung, which include 1 for my litte girl, it only cost me less than RM200. I was happy with my purchased.

But when I brought it to my tailor, I had a shocked. For 3 pairs of adult baju kurung and one pair for kids, she charged me RM500. I knew she will charge me extra but I didn't expect that much. I guess these people really make money during festive seasons.

I haven't finish shopping yet. I haven't buy my three sons baju melayu and I guess it will another RM200-RM300. At least they need another pair of clothes each and I can bet that will easily cost me another RM500.00.

I have to say everytime Raya come, we easily will spent between RM1000-RM2000 for clothes, cookies and duit raya. So how much money did you allocate for any major festival. Share with me,

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