Friday, August 13, 2010

Thank you for reading

Dendam Bukit Putus was the first story that I completely finished writing it. When I first started it, it was meant to be a short story where I targeted it to finish within a week. But somehow the story evolved and by the time I finished, it was 120 pages long and it needs me 6 weeks to upload it to my blog.

I have to thank my readers who has kind of encourage me to continue writing the story. If not, I would have stop much earlier.

As you know I'm not a writer and when I first started it, I was kind of bored with my day job. It started when I was staring at the documents that I need to review when suddenly I was struck with the idea. So instead of writing the idea on my black book, I quickly type it here and from there the story evolved.

I have no plot when I first started it but the idea keep on pouring. I enjoy writing about Zuki, Halim and Zeila and also the makhluk. I might do a second story with Halim still as the hero.

Will Zeila feature in the second book? Hmmm not sure yet. Maybe yes maybe no. Only time will tell.

To my blog readers, thank you for reading Dendam Bukit Putus.

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  1. and thanks to u too for sharing the story.i enjoyed reading it till the end.looking forward to the next one :)