Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Favorite Hero

It's always amuse me when my sister told me her monkey's stories. Her apartment is one of the nicest place to live where it is cool and lot's of greens. The only set back is that,there's a monkey which like to torment my sister and her family.

This monkey like to stole foods from her kitchen. This little fella is a smart monkey and not any ordinary monkey. He knows how to open the window latch. He know how to open up the cabinet door and choose what food he wanted to take with him. He knows how to open the biscuit container. What a smart little fella.

There are times my sister or her husband caught him in the kitchen and this monkey will ensure that he will not leave the place empty handed. There were times, he will took with him towel paper, mop head or anything he grabs. Message is very clear.."Don't mess with me else I torment you forever!"

Even though he took foods from my sister house, he never hurt my nieces. He also operated alone. No other monkeys can be seen with him. Either he has been an outcast or he is the leader. Nobody knows!

Two days ago, my sister said she has not seen the monkey because the Gibbons are in the area. Maybe they are taking turns to stay in that area but I definitely going to miss my sister famous monkey stories. He is my favorite hero!

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