Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weird things that happened to me when I was writing Dendam Bukit Putus

Today I want to share something that I have been keeping it to myself until few weeks back. Not sure whether you going to believe it or not but it kind of scary when I think about it. 

When I started to write the Dendam Bukit Putus (the ghost story), weird things started to happen to me. The first weird thing was my hand has a bitten mark and bruised but I didn't feel pain at all. My initial thought on that was I might have knocked my hand somewhere but after further checking, there was bitten marked like a fang and I showed it to my friend. She was also surprised to see that mark.

A few days later, another strange thing happened. My radio station changed from LiteFM to Radio Seremban every time I enter KL Sentral. It is weird because Radio Seremban will be difficult to get as it quite far from KL. To make it more weird, I cannot change the station immediately, which I tried. I have to wait for a few minutes before I can change to LiteFM again. Initially it was in the morning only but a month later it also happened in the evening when I left for home and this happened everyday. To make it weirder, it will only change at KL Sentral parking lot only. It didn't happened at any other places.

When all these happened, I just ignored it. I pretended that it never happened. However, three months into writing the story, another strange things happened. My car reading light suddenly was switched on. It happened when I was on the way back home at night and it was about five kilometers from my house. I thought something wrong with the wiring but it can't be as my car is still new. The switching of the light only happened at night and it can happened on the highway or when I was nearing my house. The switching of radio stations and switching on my car reading lights continue to happen until I finish writing the story. The moment I finished typing THE END, everything was back to normal. 

I kept this story to myself for almost two months and a week ago, I shared it with my family members and friends. Some do believe it and some don't but to me, it was one experience I won't forget. Do you believe in supernatural thing? Have you experience it yourself. Share with me if you have.

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  1. Zai super-natural things do exist. I can atest to that. It happened in my very own house. At first when small things kept missing, I scolded my children for being careless. This went on for more than a month. My helper saw 'me in my blue robe' rushing down the stairs and asked my daughter where was I going rushing like that. My daughter told her I was napping upstairs.
    Several occasion such as that happened a few more times. Te peak of it all was when I was making cocoa one morning. After scooping out the cocoa, I wanted to close the lid. I placed it on top of the tin and press hard. But PRESTO! Once I lift my hand, the tin had no lid still. No sound of it falling (you know the Van Houten tin is small if it fell off the sound should be deafening right?). I made a joke and said ABRACADABRA and pretended to swing a made believe wand on top of the tin and the lid fall off the bench!! I jumped and hugged my helper immediately and we had to find someone to free our house of these beings. Apparently there's a family trying to share our house. Their kids were just being kids - naughty and were the ones hiding those things that went missing in the house. Once the ritual was over, and no more signs of them, we found back those things that were missing exactly where we've been searching before.