Sunday, November 21, 2010

When good moments beats the sad moments.

I have to say today I have good moments and sad moments but definitely no bad moments. Today is my twitter friend's birthday and Doris is celebrating it all the way in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro. Hope she has a wonderful birthday.

Today also I kind of found my old lost friends that  went to college together with me. Whereas do you think I found them? Facebook! I have to say thank you to Facebook for this. I feel good to get connected back with all my old friends but I'm scared to meet them as I have changed so much physically. Heh! That's what aging, good food and life did to everyone right? Changed you.

I also met someone so damn cute that if I'm young and pretty, I might go after him. Who else but the doctor who treated my dad in the Emergency Room. What a naughty girl I am! My dad lying on the bed and me eying the doctor. But it is just for fun to release the stress and tension that has been with the whole family since dad was diagnosed with cancer. 

So what is the sad news today? Since my dad was rushed this morning to UH, I have basically left my four kids alone at home. Luckily the oldest boy can be trusted to take care of the young one else my house will be like a war zone. 

Another sad new is that my dad's condition is really getting worse.He is getting weaker and weaker everyday. Today, we have to call ambulance to take him to hospital and they are keeping him overnight. Pity my mom who has to be with him and she is also not well. Hope dad will get discharge tomorrow.

Next good news is that my new house is almost ready and we are targeting mid December to move in but the sad news is this house is really killing me. What can I say is that it took a big chunk of my saving and today I received the quotation for my curtain and it almost choke me. I think I just use my bed sheet as a curtain? Should I? It will be very colorful if I do that.

So I have to say thankful to Allah for all the good things happened today  even though there were some sad moment. Salam.

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